Paper Plates Bible Puzzle Game for Kids

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This game idea also works for a Bible memory verse activity. Select a scripture memory verse and write each word on a single paper plate. For my example I am using Matthew 22:29 “You shall love your neighbors as yourself.”

Discover the Verse

Before introducing the verse, let the kids discover it on their own. Pass out single plates to children in the group and ask them to come up to the front of the classroom. Make sure you include a few older children who can provide leadership in the activity. Do not announce the verse, just let them line up in the order you’ve passed out the plates. Then take a seat with the remaining kids and say:

I’ve given them each a word from today’s Bible memory verse and we’ll see if they can arrange themselves in order. I will not offer direction but see if they can do it on their own.

Once they have put their line in order have them all hold up their places over their head. Then read the verse aloud to the class and congratulate the children.  Then invite the whole group to say the verse together. Next repeat the process with the other children so that all get a turn to sort out the verse. Once they are confident move on to the more advanced game below.

Organize their Friends

Assign plates one-per-child as in the first game. Instead of letting them set the order have the seated children without the plates determine the order. Go around the room allowing each child to make one change. For example, “Chloe need to move up to the spot before David.” See how few moves will be requires to organize the children in order. Repeat this game several times to allow all children to participate.
For a more difficult variation, attach the verse to the backs of the children and have them face away from the group. The kids enjoy the mystery element of not knowing what is on their back. Once they are all in position have the children guess which word is on their back.
I hope you enjoy this idea. Please leave a comment with any new variations or to share how it worked in your ministry.

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