Piratey Party Ideas for Kids Church

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Children love themes and I guess, so do I.
A theme is the perfect vehicle for building excitement and gathering both the usual faces and some new ones to your ministry. A pirate theme, while a bit tried, is easy to incorporate, thanks to the local dollar and party stores. I’ve got some cool games, a craft and an activity that will work well together.
For a scripture verse, use Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure, there will be your heart also.” (KJV)
Piratey Games
Walk the Plank: For this easy game, you need a 2 x 6 board, two milk crates and some rope. Flip the crates upside down and position the board, plank-style over the milk crates. Secure the board to the crates with rope. For this game, you can blindfold the little pirates or allow them to keep their eyes uncovered. I do recommend having someone standing beside the children as they walk the plank. One at a time, have children walk the plank from one side to the other.
Swab the Deck: Blow up five to ten black balloons. You need to make a start and finish line on the floor using duct or electrical tape. When the music starts, the child must swab the deck with a balloon, moving the balloons across the finish line. Kids only have 30 seconds to get them across the line.
Pirate, Pirate, Skully: Actually, you probably know this game as Duck, Duck, Goose. All you need is a circle of children willing to run in a circle!
Piratey Craft: You need plastic bottles with screw on tops or corks. Each bottle needs a label, brown paper shred and some small scrolls. Kids should write the memory verse on the scroll with crayons or pens. Help them stuff a small amount of shred in the bottom of the bottle, then slide the scroll in. They should attach the label on the front, writing the name of a loved one on it like, Mom or Dad. These crafts make good scripture gifts too!
Piratey Activity: What would a piratey party be without a good old treasure hunt? Print up some treasure clues and have a box of goodies ready for kids to find. Lead them through rooms or around the church to find their booty!
I love this idea and I hope you do too!

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