Raising Kids Who Don't Need a Preacher Beeper

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I ran across this video on a friend’s Facebook page and it made me think. What will it take to raise a generation of Christians who won’t need the preacher beeper? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Watch the video and leave a comment below.

  • What can we do now to make sure kids can live out their faith in God and love for others, instead of acting like the people in this video?

Download this "Preacher Beeper" video clip on Bluefish TV
Video is from BluefishTV

This funny video makes a serious point. Mature Christian faith must be able to stand up and make a difference even whent he pastor is not around. For those of us in children’s ministry it’s easy to see the pain this kind of over burdened ministry causes to the preacher’s kids.
(HT: Amy Fenton Lee)

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