How to Teach: Preschool Sunday School Class

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Teaching a Preschool Sunday School class seems like a daunting task to undertake. But, with a little guidance and a simple plan, you are able to do it! Here’s a simple plan that might be useful if you are going to teach a preschool class. Don’t miss our free printable preschool Bible lessons and preschool coloring pages.

how to teach preschool sunday school class

Beginner’s Guide to Teaching a Preschool Sunday School Class

Some Basic How-To for New Preschool & Toddler Teachers

1) Opening/Welcome (10 minutes):
It is a good idea to be in the class before the children arrive. That way, you can greet them and their parents and show them what you have ready for them.
Have an activity ready for them. A coloring page is a great and easy way to get them into the class and working on something while you greet the other children.

2) Prayer (5 minutes):
You can say a prayer or have the children take turns. Just guide them in closing their eyes, folding their hands, and staying quiet and still while others (or you) are praying. Children like to hear their names in the prayer, so thanking God for each child by name will help them realize that prayer is important and for them personally.

3) Attendance (5 minutes):
Even if it’s just writing the children’s names on their papers, this helps you to know the children’s names better.

4) Talk about Opening project (10 minutes):
Have the children show their pictures or project that you had them work on during the Welcome time.

5) Songs (5-10 minutes):
You may be the greatest singer, or the worst singer, either way, children love to sing. Even if you only know, “Jesus Loves Me”, sing away and get the children involved with hand motions or marching.

6) Story (10 minutes):
– Read a Bible story out of the Bible (a children’s Bible if available).
– Point to the words and pictures while you are reading.
– Stop and ask questions to keep them engaged.
– Have them tell you the story after you’re done.
– You can always read it a couple of times to firm it up in their minds.
– Maybe have them give a thumbs up for the “good guys” and thumbs down for the “bad guys”.
– Talk about the feelings of the characters in the story. “Were they happy or sad?” “Were they scared?”
– Make the story personal to them. “What would you have done if you were them?” “What do you think they should do next?”

7) Activity (10-15 minutes):
– Act out the story
– Craft
– Game

** This plan is for an hour class. If you have a longer class time, you can have a couple of activities along with a Bible verse.

3 thoughts on “How to Teach: Preschool Sunday School Class”

  1. This is very helpful as sometimes i dont know where to start. I am a beginner with the children;s class and just dont know how much they can take in.

  2. Good morning and thank you for printing and sharing this very valuable and much needed information. This is my first time in trying to teach a beginners class Sunday School lesson. I feel much better getting some ideas from you. I would give this a 5 star rating because it help me feel a little more confident to teach.
    Thank You and God Bless

  3. Hi thanks so much for your advice I have been thinking about starting Sunday classes at my church, this info will be very useful blessings

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