September Calendar Coloring Page

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You can use this coloring page to teach children about the month of September. With a little guidance, they can fill in the boxes with the numbers for each day of the month. Click here to see all the months in our calendar.
Directions: Click on the preview image to the right to download this resource as a print friendly PDF document. We’ve also uploaded a higher resolution JPEG image for any advanced users to edit.
The illustration shows a young boy reaching up to pick apples from a tree. The words of the poem prayer say:

As apples grow so yummy sweet
Keep us joyful, head to feet!

Younger children may need a parent’s help when filling out the number boxes. We’ve also uploaded an optional sheet with extra events (like birthday & church) for children add onto the calendar.
This is just one of the many free coloring sheets on our website created by Mandy Groce.

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