Spring Evangelism Ideas for Kids Ministry

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Spring Outreach Ideas for Children's Ministry
Start your year off right with spring evangelism ideas for kids ministry. I love reaching into the community and finding kids that need Jesus. (And who doesn’t?) After a long winter, parents and kids may be more willing to interact with new faces, especially if it is a friendly one. Shake up your ministry and grow your church by putting a focus on spring evangelism ideas.
Pick up trash at the ballpark. Here in our area, we have four little league ball fields that constantly have kids in them. Since servanthood evangelism is my favorite kind of evangelism, I have no problem picking up litter, neither does my crew. After meeting ballpark managers, we got permission to wear our kids’ church shirts and pick up trash during some of the ball games. In some locations, we can even hand out fliers or novelties like foam fingers.
Plant flowers at the school. Do you have schools near your church? If so, contact schools and offer to donate and plant flowers in one of the school flowerbeds. It’s a great way to build relationships with the staff and parents. Don’t expect to have access to many children though.
Spring battery giveaways. “Safety first,” is what we say to people we give batteries to during this spring evangelism idea. Replacing your smoke detector batteries is crucial but who remembers that? Buy a small supply of batteries, then go door-to-door to the people in your community. We also offer them a quarter-page sized flyer that has a kid-friendly blurb about children’s church.
Host an Easter Egg painting party. Your kids’ church friends have plenty of friends who may want to attend church but are unsure. What should you do? Host a Saturday afternoon of fun that’s open to the community. Instead of an egg hunt, host an egg dying party. All you need is plenty of bowls, dye and stickers. Ask the guests to bring their own boiled eggs. I love this spring evangelism idea.
Spring fling with a flair. Sponsor a mini version of the fall festival with a spring fling. You can hold this event at your church but if possible, get out of your comfort zone by having it somewhere else. Go to a nearby apartment complex, a business parking lot or at a recreational facility. Of course, get permission first. I like giving away donated gift items with a raffle but I always collect information with a registration form. That way I can keep in touch with all the people I meet.
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