7 School Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Boy offering an apple to his teacher
Anyone who thinks school teachers don’t deserve an award at the end of the school year has obviously not recently visited one! School teachers face mounds of paperwork, challenging children and an unforgiving schedule—all while caring for a class of young minds.
As Christian teachers and leaders, we know how tough ministering to kids can be. What better way to show your appreciation for a hardworking teacher than by offering an appreciation gift. A gift from the heart is  a good way to say “thanks” and a nice way to remind teachers of the Greatest Teacher of all, Jesus.

  1. Teachers Devotional Books: Give books like “God’s Little Devotional Book for Teachers,” or “Morning Meetings with Jesus: 180 Devotions for Teachers.” Along with your book gift, add a journal and set of pens.
  2. Inspirational Plaques: Surprise the teacher with an inspirational plaque. Choose sayings like, “Today Anything Is Possible,” or “Simple Acts of Kindness Make Things Better One Deed at a Time.”
  3. Sweet Treats: Nothing says “thanks” like a decorative jar filled with chocolates and candies. Alternatively, chocolate-covered apples, strawberries and cherries are good too. Hard candies like peppermints in tins or coffee mugs filled with lollipops are nice too.
  4. Teacher Cookie Bouquet: Buy teacher an arrangement of cookies. Visit your local florist or cookie shop to find cookies in interesting shapes like a fat pencil, an apple or kids’ faces. Pen a thankful note and promise to pray for the teacher.
  5. Summer Fun Basket: Gather goodies together in a basket of summer fun to present the teacher. Include flip-flops, cool sunglasses and skin care products to offer protection from the sun.
  6. Dinner for Two: After the school year is complete and the last grade has been entered, teachers will look forward to some quiet time. Buy your child’s teacher a gift certificate for two. This appreciation gift will leave the teacher with fond memories of your child and you!
  7. Scrapbook Stuff: Create a memory book using pictures taken from the school year. If you don’t have pictures, buy scrapbook basics like a book, some embellishments and special tools like pinking shears. Create a special page from your family and write a personal note of thanks. Allow your child to sign the page or make some artwork for the book. Scrapbooking is a fun way to remember a school year and special children.

Take your time when choosing a teacher appreciation gift. Write personal notes to teachers offering positive scripture verses or thoughts. Don’t be too pushy if the teacher is not a Christian. Remember love wins hearts!

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