"I Am Thankful" Leaf Craft for Thanksgiving Sunday School

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Thanksgiving Leaf Craft Idea
This is a very adaptable craft. My first thought was to use this as a booklet. I want to use this with my Preschool/Kindergarten Sunday School class to make a I Am Thankful For Book for them to make for their family. Before class, I will print out many copies of the template and have them cut out in squares. We will talk about what it means to be thankful and make a list of things that they are thankful for in their life: family, the Bible, church, friends, toys, etc. I will write down what they are each thankful for and I will fill out as many as they each want. Then I will have them choose a color of construction paper to make a cover for their booklet. They can write their name and draw a picture for the cover picture.

Another idea can be used for older children. First, print out many copies of the template given. Provide markers, scissors, glue, and construction paper for the children and instruct them to write various things that they are thankful for on each leaf page. Then allow them to cut out the leaves and and paste onto construction paper. They can put each leaf on a cut piece of construction paper or they could make a collage of all of their leaves. With all of the children’s leaves, you can decorate your classroom, a bulletin board, or make a book for the church library.
Getting the kids to think about things that they are thankful for is a great way to get their thoughts off of themselves and onto the blessings in their lives.
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1 thought on “"I Am Thankful" Leaf Craft for Thanksgiving Sunday School”

  1. Thank you so very much for this great idea. In these days and times our children really have to know about the blessings that they each have and that they should be thankful everyday.
    This Sunday is our Fun Day in Sunday School were all of the classes from Pre-K to 12th grade come together and make Thanksgiving Day cards for our sick and shut-in members. I will have each student fill in a leaf which we will do during our lesson on Thanksgiving.
    Thanks again and have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

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