This Week In Children’s Ministry for 10/14/2009

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Here is another roundup of interesting articles and newsworthy events relevant to Children’s Ministry. This week there is a little something about everything. If you’re looking for more, check out my list of recommended kids ministry blogs.
Jonathan Cliff earns his #1 blog ranking with 3 great posts about the new child dedication process at his church.
Child Dedication StrategyChild Dedication PromotionChild Dedication Class
Gina McClain warns about the The Biggest Mistake #kidmin Can Make.
Something Funny: The “Stufff Christians Like” blog points out the obvious problems with the things your kid brings home from Sunday School.
Something Inspiring:  Zach Nielsen’s General Session Summaries
from the Together for Adoption conference.
Something Ridiculous: Read about the 6 year old boy who got kicked out of school for all the wrong reasons – plus some tips for children’s ministry security.
Something Fun: Here are some good reflections on why fun matters in children’s ministry.
Bible Story Videos: Irish kids from the 1960s tell popular Bible stories in their own words. Another great find by Wayne Stocks. Check out these clips and share them with the kids at your church.
Pudge Huckaby posted some really great notes from the Catalyst 09 leadership conference. Here are the sessions he covered.

  • CATALYST 09 – session 1 (Andy Stanley)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 2 (Malcolm Gladwell)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 4 (Tony Dungey)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 5 (Matt Chandler)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 6 (Francis Chan)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 7 (Dave Ramsey)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 8 (Chuck Swindoll)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 9 (Louie Giglio)
  • CATALYST ‘09 – session 10 (Andy Stanley)

Glen Woods always challenges me to think differently. Here is his recent post titled, “even if they never attend church.”
Resources to help your kids read their bibles is a great list broken down by ages groups for Sam Luce.
Dave Wakerly explains why he uses median in children’s ministry (part one & part two).
Read this frank discussion of spiritual burnout in children’s ministry and follow the practical advices she gives.
Author Brian Haynes responds to blog feedback about his family ministry book.
Some great advice from CM Monthly – Don’t Make Permanent Changes For Temporary Situations
Read this discussion of H1N1 and church response from Children’s Ministry dot com’s blog.

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