"New Hearts" Craft (Ezekiel 36:26) Tootsie Roll Pop

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Tootsie Roll Craft for Sunday School
This is a great little craft that goes great with Mimi Bullock’s lesson “Valentine Object Lesson: Tootsie Roll Pop“. I loved Mimi’s lesson and we will be doing in this upcoming Sunday in our Wee Church class (2yrs – Kindergarten). That class, however, likes to do crafts so I came up with this simple little craft that includes the Tootsie Roll Pops from Mimi’s object lesson.

I put the Ezekiel 36:26 Bible verse from the lesson onto a heart shape. I put a circle in the middle so that you would know where to cut or hole punch for the sucker. Simply print out the heart template (there are 9 per page) onto card stock paper. You could make it white so the kids can color them or you could print them onto colored paper and skip that step. Just cut out the hearts and have ready for the kids, or have them cut them out depending on your class. You could use a pencil or pen to poke a hole through the center circle or a hole punch could work as well. Then the kids can put a Tootsie Roll Pop through the hole and “voila” you have a Tootsie Roll Pop heart flower for the kids to take home with the Bible verse on it. You could also make a lot of them and the kids could hand them out to others.

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