"Who Will Be King?" Gospel Tool for Children

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Sharing the Gospel with kids can be a challenge. I struggle with getting all the basics covered without overwhelming children with too much information. That is where the “Who Will Be King?” booklet has really helped me.
We were so excited about this approach that we created a Gospel Coloring Book that prompts kids to ask the question. “Who is my King?”
It has become my default tool for telling kids the Gospel story. We even have the illustrations from the booklet painted on the wall in our Children’s Church. We have used this booklet to train our kids for sharing the Gospel with their peers and parents. I use a marker board and have the children learn the basic drawings and tell the story that goes with each illustration. Even preschool aged children can grasp the meaning and pass it along.
It is published by Matthias Media as a kids version of their popular “Two Ways to Live” Gospel presentation. In six sections, this booklet covers all the major points of the Salvation story. You can check out the online version here.

We always order the booklets in bulk to save money, you can buy them directly on the Matthias Media website.

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  1. We greatly appreciate you for this wonderful work you are doing. Your Free materials has been a huge help to our Bible/talent Discovery Club @ KEAF INT’L FOUNDATION. Keep up! May the Lord Almighty bless you all in Jesus mighty name.

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