Preparing for Weekends With Lots of Visitors


As we prepare for one of the most highly attended weekends of the year, it is important to pause and make sure we are ready for the new families who walk through our doors. Let's look at 5 easy ways you can make it a better experience for first time guests. Be early! Make sure you are in position and have fully prepared for class before parents begin to drop off children. … [Read more...]

Well Child Guidelines for Children’s Ministry

Well Child Guidelines for Children's Ministry

All parents hate germs.  They absolutely don't want their little ones to get sick. At the same time, many parents want their children to come to class, even when they are the ones carrying germs!  How do you help keep your children (and grown ups) healthy and communicate to parents what the limitations are?  A well-communicated well child policy is a great answer. 1. … [Read more...]

7 Things Not to Do When Teaching a Large Group of Kids


Teaching a large group of children can be intimidating, but it is such an awesome opportunity. When preparing, here are seven things that you should NOT do when trying to engage a large group of kids. Thou shalt not... 1. Hide behind book/paper. If you have a paper or book in between you and the audience, you are setting up an automatic barrier.  It feels safer, … [Read more...]

Illuminate: A Conference for Volunteers


Have you ever researched a conference, got excited about the speakers and the content, then looked at the price? That can be disappointing. As awesome as national conferences can be, they are also limiting when it comes to taking a team of volunteers. The Illuminate Conference is the brainchild of Kenny Conley, the Next Generation Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, … [Read more...]

How Does a Children’s Minister Prepare for Maternity Leave?


In just a short time we'll be welcoming our new baby. Here are a few steps I'm taking to get our ministry ready for my time away from the office. If you've had a similar experience, we would love to hear how you got ready. Leave a comment below to share your story with other readers. 1.  Identify everything that needs to be done before you go and while you are out.  Make … [Read more...]