Children’s Sermon for Father’s Day

And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Matthew 23:9

What is Jesus telling us when He says “call not man your father on earth?” We celebrate Father’s Day every year because Daddy’s are a special gift given to us by God. Jesus is not saying that we cannot call your Dad Daddy. No, you keep calling him Daddy.

But, Jesus is pointing us to an even greater special gift. You see, God created everything in the universe and God created you and your parents and brothers and sisters and me and Pastor ________. Whenever we repent of our sins and put our faith in Jesus Christ alone, we are adopted into Jesus’ family.

Do you know what that makes God to us? That makes Him our Daddy! This is what Jesus is saying when He says, “For you have one Father, who is in heaven.” When we are adopted through our faith into God’s family, He becomes a Daddy to us and we then get all of the benefits of being a child of God!

Let us pray . . .

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  1. Mary Jo Hutson says

    Hello, I was led to your website to harvest all the children’s lessons for my future family and future ministry restoring abused children to a normal and healthy life of knowing and loving Jesus. Your ministry is a perfect model of God’s provision to His children as well as a great example of His excellence, I am overwhelmed and very grateful to you for your faith and love in the Lord.
    Mary Jo Hutson

  2. Dannie says

    Blessings to you and thanks for providing this Children’s message.
    Typo in second paragraph “call not man your father on earth?”
    I would rearrange the second paragraph like this:
    We celebrate Father’s Day every year because Daddy’s are a special gift given to us by God. So, what is Jesus telling us when He says “call no man your father on earth?” Jesus is not saying that we cannot call your Dad Daddy. No, you keep calling him Daddy.
    God bless,

    Depending on the age of the children, they may not understand the “churcheze”–repent; so you might want to revise it like this:
    Whenever we put our faith in Jesus Christ alone, we are adopted into Jesus’ family. OR Whenever we start living for Jesus . . . OR Whenever we ask Jesus into our hearts . . .

  3. Damaris Nthale says

    Dear Tony,
    Your free materials are really a blessing to me and the children.Since I started children ministry in 1995 tomorrow will be my first day to teach children about fathers day. I,m very excited waiting to meet my Bible club children tomorrow. God bless you as you reach thousands of children. Hebrews 6:10


  4. Rina Santos says

    My sister, Ludy shared this one to me and i find it so timely for the children ministry. I mother the youth of our church and at the same time i help the leader of the children ministry in one of her Sunday classes, i will share these lessons to her.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Let me add one thing, and i hope you wont mind.
    Last week, i was struck by the words of Hebrews 2:8 and i quote, ” You put all things under your control” and when He puts all things under His control, He left nothing outside His control.”
    This is one great character of the Father that i have proven myself as i have entrusted everything to Him, He controls every situation, difficult as it may seem, even giving back the life of a dying baby.
    The Father deserves all the honor and praise through our Lord Jesus Christ who Himself bear all our sicknesses and diseases.

    Rina Santos

  5. says

    Thanks again for sharing this. I can really see Dr. Moore rubbing off on you – which is good thing!

  6. grammy Marge says

    I love the picture of Jesus and the message of hurting Him when we gossip etc. powerful. thank you

  7. Rebecca Espinoza says

    Hello Tony,
    I read “A Father’s Day Sermon On the Fifth Commandment”. I’ve been working with children’s nministry for many years. One particular time always stands out for me. I believe it’s because of the impact this activity had on a group of girls who were not getting along. What I did was blow up a picture of Jesus face. I think I used one of Him wearing the crown of thorns. I stapled it to a rather large “cork” bulletin board. I then drew a target/bulls eye on a bigger separate sheet of paper. I stapled it over the face of Jesus. I gave each girl a blank sheet of paper and some markers and asked them to draw a picture of someone who they were mad at or someone who had hurt them because of gossip. Then each girl had the opportunity to staple their picture on the target and shoot darts at it. Some shot at it, some stabbed at it, others weren’t so dramatic. Before I removed the target, we discussed how hurtful gossip is, etc. When I removed the target and they saw the face of Jesus mauled, punctured, and stabbed, I almost had to walk around and pick up jaws that had hit the floor. I then let them tell me to describe what they saw and why they were so shocked/surprised? They were able to tell me that not only were they hurting others and thenmselves, but the One they never thought they were hurting was Jesus. SOme girls cried remorsefully for gossiping, others were apologizing to girls within the group. I has no idea that they were doing this to eachother.
    This activity can be used the same with children to parents, or parents to children. What do you think?

    Rebecca Espinoza

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