Christmas Games for Sunday School

Christmas Games for Sunday School
Bill Emeott from LifeWay Kids

In my experience, church attendance goes up around Christmas while Sunday School participation is sometimes weak.

One way to combat that is make sure kids are excited about coming the following week. Why not have a special game time (maybe 10 minutes long) as an incentive for children to come? They might even bring some friends.

This post will point out some fun game ideas from around the Internet that you can use for Christmas Sunday School. First, check out this great video from LifeWay Kids.

10 Game Ideas from LifeWay: These are all following the minute-to-win-it format. These include the games in the video above plus 7 more.

There is also a helpful collection of Christmas games for kids from These include “Find the Star” and many more.

Another great idea is to use these games as part of a Sunday School Christmas party. This can be after church, during class time, or even a different day of the week. We’d love to hear your ideas. I will probably try some of these as Christmas games for children’s church.Click here to leave a comment.


  1. Mercy Sheeley says

    I’ve just finished up my first year of leading the children’s ministry at our church! I have used your materials many times! Thanks so much for putting the website together!

  2. Cathy says

    Two games:
    Human candy cane relay. Divide into teams. One cc person per team. Team members take turns, (relay style), wrapping their teammate first in TP, then in red crepe paper streamer. Best candy cane in three minutes wins.

    Musical chairs to Christmas carols is easy and fun.

  3. Judy Dean says

    Thank you for all the great ideas to “win” the hearts of kids to Jesus. You are so creative, and have so many good people that have great ideas. I have used many of the free posts to work with our Kids Klub and at Sunday School. This really helps me…my church is very small…limited funds, and nestled in the middle of a small community with many multicultural, multi ethinical, multi racial children whose parents do not come to church. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  4. Kim Charlton says

    Tony, For taking the time to put this site together for us I really wanted to say THANK YOU and God Bless You!

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