What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus’ birthday?

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What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus’ birthday?

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  1. Cindy Ines says

    AMEN!!! soo happy! Thank you so much! I will make the most out of “What’s in the Bible?”

  2. says

    Here are the comment # and winners selected by random.org. I’ll email them all and have the prize shipped out to them. Thanks to all who shared their memories!

    79 – Nancy
    10 – Cindy
    50 – Charles
    72 – Beth

  3. Amelia says

    My favorite Christmas Day was in 1994. My family gathered at my parents house to open our gifts in Christmas Eve. We open our gifts at midnight but before we start opening the gifts we start with a prayer and then we sing some Christmas songs. On that particular day everyone was getting gifts. My husband kept telling me you have not recieved a gift. I told him that that was find I was have a joyful time seeing everyone else opening thier gifts. After all the gifts were passed out my mother said, “Wait, I have a gift for you, it is not wrapped because you always wrap the gifts for me and you would know before Christmas what you would get.” She gave me a quilt she had quilted herself hy hand. I felt I had gotten the best gift I had ever gotten. I no longer have my mother but I still treasure the quilt she gave me that Christmas Day.

  4. Kristen says

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my pastor’s wife sang the song “Go Light Your World” during our Christmas Eve candlelight service. We saw how one person filled with the light and love of God can spread that love and light to others. Though the room started off dark, it was soon bright, all starting from one lone candle.

  5. Susan Verstraete says

    My favorite Christmas memory was from Christmas eve, when my boys were three and nine years old. They often fussed with each other, as siblings, do, but this night as I walked by my younger son’s room, I spied them curled up in bed together as the older son read “The Night Before Christmas” to the younger one, who was completely enthralled. It was a magical moment!

  6. LFriend says

    my favorite Christmas memory is the candlelight service at my church growing up and just being at home with my family, in our pajamas Christmas morning.

  7. Nancy says

    My favorite was hearing my daughter Hannah (6) telling the Christmas Story in her own words to our entire church. Luke 2:1-16

  8. maureen zeiss says

    My favorite Christmas memory was waiting up until midnight to place the baby Jesus in His bed…while singing away in a manger.Then thinking of those poor shepherds standing in the fields being surprised by the beauty of the angelic visitors..wishing that I was one of them rushing to see the Son of God!

  9. James Reed says

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I lived with my mom and brother in section 8 housing. I knew we didn’t have a lot of money but I wanted a special toy. That Christmas my mom gave me a little red firetruck pedal car. I was around 5 years old and I rode that car everywhere around the projects where we lived.

  10. Aimee Reed says

    In 1979, when I was 10, I desired a 15 ft. trampoline to go in the backyard for me and my friends to enjoy. I asked, begged and basically told Santa I would die for a trampoline of this magnatude. On Christmas morning, covered in 3 Muskateer bars, was my trampoline…a 3 ft. jogging one. Humorous. I guess my parents got to Santa and begged, pleaded and basically told them I WOULD die on the aforementioned trampoline and THEY got their wish.

  11. Heather Reddick says

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is waking up Christmas morning to the excitement of my kids and reading the Christmas story with them.

  12. Amanda says

    My favorite memory is from a few years ago at Christmas Eve worship. I was pregnant with my oldest son and had a 2 year old girl that I babysat sitting on my lap. The lights were low and as the advent candles were being lit I was explaining to little Natalie about the candles and that the big candle in the middle reminded us that Jesus was born. As soon as the Christ candle was lit the Sanctuary lights were turned up and the whole congregation burst out in Joy to the World. I will never forget the look on her face. So was so excited by the sudden change from dark to light and with the outburst of singing. She just looked at me and said, “Manda! Jesus is born! Jesus is born!” It was a great, great moment.

  13. Angela says

    On Christmas Eve, when I was in 1st grade we got our cat Coco Puff. I remember being so excited.

  14. Beth says

    The first Christmas after I became a Christian is especially memorable. I was 16 and remember waking up Christmas morning to a totally new understanding of what Christmas really meant. It wasn’t special because of anything I received or any special event, but that feeling is renewed with every Christmas season!

  15. Pauline says

    waking upu christmas morning and relatives start arriving to spend the special day together

  16. A. Marie says

    The sweet smell of mom’s homemade carmel rolls and watching others open gifts while listening to Drummer Boy.

  17. says

    My favourite Christmas memory was pushing two big lounge chairs together as a child, making up my bed in the middle and then winding a complicated net of string all around it so that I had a chance of catching Santa as he somehow would break in to get my stocking for filling up.

  18. Hannah Miller says

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my younger brother decided to look inside mom’s camera (this was in the pre-digital age) and he was curious about how it worked. At the time we were all irritated that he ruined some pictures and we had to retake them. But now we laugh at how old-fashioned film cameras are!

    Clive and Ian rock!

  19. Dan says

    My favorite Christmas memory was the winter my dad was hours late arriving home — it was a blizzard in Wisconsin and he had to travel home on Christmas Eve from about 60 miles away . . . before the era of cell phones. The snow was deep and blinding . . . no one knew where he was. Television was reporting multiple accidents all along the small two-lane highway he was traveling on — with wreckers unable to reach some cars. At 11 p.m., some four hours after Dad SHOULD have been home, my mom and I heard boot steps on the front porch. It was Dad! Covered in snow and lugging a large plastic bag with presents, we both ran to him and hugged him. The car was stuck in a snow bank a few blocks away, but he was safe! My mom let me stay up even later, both of us just so thankful to have Dad “back,” for we feared we had lost him. Even though nearly all the gifts I received were “previously owned/damaged,” I didn’t care and I still remember it as the best Christmas ever.

  20. selena says

    My favorite Christmas memory is spending every christmas eve at my grandparents house with all my family. Something funny happens there every year and we always have fun telling funny stories! As an adult, I love the look of my kids faces on Christmas morning…such fun! And now they are getting old enough to know the true meaning of Christmas and that means a lot to me as well!

  21. Susan says

    My son was 12 years old in a year when Christmas fell on a Sunday. He was saved at the worship service that day!

  22. says

    Thank you for letting my open up and bring my fondest memories, flashback from a poor childhood filled with so much Joy…!

    I’ll begin to tell you that one of the most memorable Christmas I’ve had back in Nicaragua where am originally from, it’s happened somewhere about when I was only 9 and my mother did not have any means to buy a X-mas tree so she improvised and told us to go outside in the patio brake a ‘big-enough’ branch out of a mango tree and bring it in than we gathered all the cotton swab we possessed and using of aluminum foil, peeled and dressed the branches with cotton wrapped in stripped multicolored-foil and planted it on the ground, added some shinny-coin-shaped-chewing-gum as ornaments and some red ribbons attached as to the final touch to a plain and simple craftmanship and improvisation art?…than using wrapping paper found some learning wooden blocks which surrounding the base of the tree simulated Christmas-gift-dummies!…And that way, we spent the best Christmas ever since we’ve had each other in family that up to including our guard-most-loyal-dog anyone could ask for ‘princessa’, making that Christmas very special as a true gift from God Himself reminding us what the true spirit of X-mas is all about…Love for one another!

    Truly yours,
    Bayardo Guevara :-)

  23. timothy says

    going to christmas service @ church,with my friends enjoy with jesus ‘s words from the bible.jusus is my first priority.he is the alfa and omenga,he is my way,my life.we cannot live without him.
    christmas is once a year we must celebrate with juses,,even though he is with us by spirit.

  24. Alyssa says

    Going the Christmas Eve service at church. What joy that Jesus came to earth to save sinners!

  25. Jessica says


  26. Gigi Miller says

    My favorite Christmas memory was the year my husband dressed up as Santa for our children, age 3 and 5. I had the flu and the kids both had colds. Santa delivered gifts to the kids while dad was out getting coffee. We video taped Santa and after he left my 5 yr old turned to me and with hands on hips said I know that was daddy because Santa has white eye brows not brown.

  27. Bonita says

    I always loved spending time with family and cousins I did not see very often. If there was snow at our Christmas gathering, we would go sledding. We always used to go Christmas caroling at church, either in the neighborhood or at a nursing home. Sometimes we would get a surprise treat from people we sang for which was always a special treat!

  28. Melissa says

    One of my favorite Christmas memories as a child was going to the Christmas Eve program at our church. We would get all dressed up and go to the program, then we would go have Christmas at my Granny and Grandpa’s with the family.

  29. says

    I must have been about 6 years old this one Christmas when our family was chosen to be the family at church who would light the front advent candles at the beginning of the candlelight service. Then I got to sit on my grandfather’s lap while the pastor talked to him in front of the congregation about our family’s Christmas traditions. My Poppy and my pastor would be two of the men that I most respect in my life!

  30. Amy says

    My favorite Christmas Memory…..hmmm. so many to chose from. I loved being in the Church Christmas play, I loved being with my family, and getting presents……but now I love to teach my daughter about Jesus, the real reason we celebrate Christmas. So my favorite Christmas memories now center around my family celebrating Jesus.

  31. Kev Hill says

    MY most amusing Christmas memory was when we lived in a caravan (RV) in Wales UK. Basically it was just us at the site. On Christmas eve a sheep wandered into the caravan and decided it liked us. So it stayed. It took the whole famly and several hours to get the sheep out of the caravan. So we had a “Real” nativity scene going on right inside the caravan at no charge. How cool is that?


  32. Jeanette Nelsen says

    It is really hard for me to choice just one Christmas memory that stands above the rest. There is a family tradition that is my favorite, we would go to our church’s candle light service on Christmas Eve, then come home and we were able to open one present, it was always pj’s, and we would also get one family Christmas movie which we would watch together.