10 Ways To Teach Children About Missions

The Desiring God blog has posted an article about helping kids love missions. Their ideas are geared toward families being missions minded with their kids. Here are the ten ways they pointed out. Click through to their website to get more details on each.

  1. Pray for missionaries.
  2. Read missionary biographies to your children.
  3. Supporting missionaries financially as a family
  4. Find a missionary kid pen pal for your child
  5. Welcome missionaries into your home.
  6. Take risks as a family.
  7. Encourage the traits that missionaries need
  8. Teach your children to be world Christians.
  9. Read missionary prayer letters to your children.
  10. Use missions fact books and resources

Reading this list reminded me how much work I need to do on this emphasis at our church and in my family. Missions is not top of mind in our small town. This year we’re actually doing our first missions emphasis week and we are getting the kids involved as much as we can.

How do you teach children about missions?

If you have a great idea about teaching kids about missions, leave it below this post as a comment. I’d love to hear your feedback.


  1. Tina says

    I was a homeschool mom until my son started high school. Every year we liked to do advent activities for Christmas but I was bored with using the same book year after year. I have always been interested in foreign languages, cultures…anything international! Our church is very missions oriented. We support over 20 per month. So I contacted all of them and asked for info about themselves personally, how they became missionaries, favorite verses, special things they would want to share. (I started at the beginning of the year.) The response was fabulous! Some sent emails, some sent coins and little souvenirs, some sent photos. We sorted them into red (Hispanic), yellow (Asian), black (African), and white ( everyone else). I got candles of each of those colors. We had enough missionaries to do a different one every day, Monday through Friday, for 4 weeks. So we spent a week on the red candle, then the yellow, etc. We lit the candle, read their letter, looked at the things they sent, then prayed for that particular missionary that day. Sometimes we even had food once or twice that week to go with the color or looked up how they celebrated Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed this time and still have the binder. That was 2004. :) And now, I actually work in the office for one of those missionaries! :) I love my new job.

  2. Lucy Amrohs says

    Well,I’ve learnt a lot reading what each person has shared. I also feel organising missionary games at birthday parties can be another way. Atat a child’s birthday party or sunday school children party,you can make children dress in different costumes or attires from different countries. At a Girls’ Guild camp in Nigeria, I dressed like an indian! The idea is to create some fun and teach children about these diverse cultures their dressing represents.This ???will awaken a burden in their hearts and a need to pray as well as prepare them for missions to these countries.

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