This Week in Children’s Ministry for 11/11/2009

Here is my weekly roundup of interesting stories from other kids ministry blogs. Enjoy!

VBS Sellout: Did you know that several of the big VBS publishers secretly push Roman Catholic versions of their same themes. Maybe it’s not a big deal, but interchangeable truth always makes me nervous. I can’t imagine the Catholics think this is cool either. In related news, here is a Bible School about the Environment (video promo) – I honestly can’t tell if this is a spoof or real. (HT)

Gina McClain makes a great tip about getting parents spiritually engaged.

WOW! Kenny Conley reflects on losing his ministry job and how God is working everything out 2 years later. Definitely read this one.

Choosing Curriculum: Christine Yount Jones offers some tips for picking your children’s ministry curriculum.

Sunday School Strategy: I just want to remind everyone about Darryl Wilson’s blog about Sunday School. He is on staff with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and posts some real strategic stuff about Sunday School.

Tell Me a Story: Ray Van Neste talks about the value of story for children (and adults).

Stressed Out Kids: New research is exploring how stress in the family can affect how much kids worry.

Don’t Go There: 7 Things Not to Say to a Female Children’s Pastor – painful, funny, and true.

Word Clouds: Here is a great idea from Free CM Stuff about using Wordle to make graphics for your ministry.

Fliers: Sam Luce wants your kids ministry fliers to share with others, with great power . .

Survey Says? Ryan Frank needs your input for a K! Magazine survey about kids ministry.

Getting Rowdy: How to Help a Child with Disruptive Behavior

Missions Matter: Developing a Children’s Ministry Missions Program

VBS + Outreach: Lifeway’s VBS blog breaks down some of the new research about VBS and church outreach.

Brittany Sky reviews a new book for kids titled “God, Can you hear me?

Listen Up! Listen to Ryan and Jason in their latest children’s ministry podcast. I’m listening while writing this post. You can also check out the NEW American Children’s Ministers’ Association.

Jonathan Cliff has been discovered published see his picture on the cover of Children’s Ministry Magazine. Congrats and nice coat!

Bible Smart: Listen to this audio of Dr. Bruce Ware. He talks about connecting Love for God with knowledge about God. If you’re short on time at least read the outline. You should also check out his Christian Theology book for children.

Count To Ten: Wayne Stocks honored our site with a mention in his top ten children’s ministry blogs, but I was really impressed with his other top ten list titled “Top Ten Non Children’s Ministry Blogs That Those in Children’s Ministry Should Follow.”

For Those About To Rock: Thanks again to Wayne for spotting this video.

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