“Wise Men Follow His Star” Coloring Page

wise-men-bw In Matthew 2:2 the wise men travel seeking the new king of Israel. What they discover is a young child who was God come in human flesh.

While they did not arrive until some months (or up to 2 years) after Jesus was born, it was at the star above Bethlehem that appeared when he was born that led the way.

This coloring page and illustration can help you teach this Bible story to the children in your ministry.

  • Click on the preview image to download the printable PDF version of this coloring sheet. We’ve also uploaded the image file in PNG format for any reader who need to customize the image.
  • We’ve also uploaded a full color illustration you can print as an example page for the children. It can be downloaded in PDF or PNG format.

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  1. Lorna says

    Interesting article. I’ve found that some facts in well known Bible stories need ‘digging into’ to enable us to separate truth from legend. The age of Jesus when the wisemen visited is one of those facts. The Bible doesn’t give His age but we find clues – Luke (2:21) that Jesus was circumcised at 8 days old; We also know from Luke 2:22-24, that when the 40 days of Mary’s “uncleanness” had passed (Leviticus12:4.), they presented Jesus, their first born son in the temple in Jerusalem, according to God’s Law . Herod asked the wisemen when they had first seen the star (Matthew 2:7) and on this basis later killed all of the male children in Bethlehem, age two and under (Matthew 2:16). The wisemen came during the reign of King Herod, whom we know died in 4 BC. With this evidence can’t we assume that Jesus was between 41 days and 2 years old when the wisemen arrived. The wisemen had to have come after Jesus’ presentation in the temple, that is, after Jesus was 40 days old because, Matthew tells us that after the wisemen departed, an angel warned Joseph to flee to Egypt, since Herod would seek to kill Jesus. According to Scripture, Joseph left that very night and went to Egypt (2:13-15). This would have left no time or opportunity for the presentation in the temple, which we know happened.

  2. Julie says

    So happy to have found this site! Thank you for taking the time to devote your talents and efforts to such a needed cause. It is so challenging to teach children during these trying times.

    Blessings to you and your over this Christmas season!


  3. meena says

    Thank you so much Brother for all the coloring pages realy its helping us to teach the word of God with activities.. May the Lord Jesus Bless You more and more to fullfil his will.
    Thanks Once again in Christ..

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