15 Volunteer Gifts for Under $5

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Children’s ministry volunteers deserve all the praise and thanks you can give them. Without their dedication to your ministry, many dreams may go unfulfilled, kids unreached and communities broken. From the part-timer to the “lifer,” every ministry volunteer needs a tangible reward occasionally. However, many ministries operate on a shoestring budget.
Don’t panic–there are plenty of cool volunteer gifts for under $5. Here’s my top 15 and I’ve included some sweet phrases that work well on tags and cards too.

  1. Potted thyme: “Thank you for your time!”
  2. Seasonal salt and pepper shakers: “You seasoned our hearts with God’s love!”
  3. Mini hand lotions: “Thanks for giving us a hand.”
  4. Mini flashlights: “He’s lighting the way.”
  5. Packs of Pop Rock candies: “You rock!”
  6. Small jar candle: “Your smile lights us up!”
  7. Calculators: “We enjoyed counting on you.”
  8. Bean bags: “Squeeze whenever you need a hug.”
  9. Mini fruit basket: “May God give you good fruit for your help.”
  10. Oven mitts: “God has you covered!”
  11. Measuring cups: “You measure up to God’s standard of excellence.
  12. Christmas ornaments: “Merry Christmas and thank you!”
  13. Handmade candy: “We had a sweet time with you in children’s church!”
  14. Mini picture frames: “We will always have fond memories of your service.”
  15. Bag of chocolate coins: “You are a treasure.”

At the very least, you could buy cellophane loot bags and fill them with hard candy and small toys. Even grown-ups like novelty toys. Packs of crayons (the good kind) and coloring books are great too. I don’t know any kids’ workers that do not like coloring. A cheerful CD of uplifting music or a personal letter make nice gifts too.
Don’t over think your volunteer gift selection. It’s truly the thought that counts!

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