6 Cool Smartphone Apps for Children's Ministry

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Good news! Your iPhone contains the potential to create renewed excitement about your ministry. With just a few inexpensive downloads, you’ll have access to entertaining tools and resources. Share these app ideas with parents and kids to build a digital network dedicated to serving the Lord! Start with these six cool smartphone apps for children’s ministry. It’s a low-cost investment that modern kids will love.
Children’s Ministry Talk Starters: All About Me ($1.99)
The cost is $1.99 for the initial download but it’s so worth it. If you have difficulty getting kids to talk, especially new kids, this app will do it. It makes a cool time filler too. Open the app and let the random questions load. Pass the phone around and let each child answer the question aloud. Sound effects make it even more fun to play.
 Home Front (Free)
The perfect free app tool for teachers to offer struggling parents. This is a free monthly magazine that contains ideas for developing a child’s spiritual life at home. This application got great reviews from parents who tried it.
Convershakn ($1.99)
I love the way this app looks. It is so easy to use and makes a great tool for entertaining small groups on trips, during free time and etc. It’s another question game but it allows kids to share facts about their families. It’s also a great way to get more than a one-word answer.
SlimeTime ($.99)
Icky, gooey games are always a hit with children–and some adults. Customize 25 activities geared to specific Christian teachings. You’ll get scripture, supply lists and helpful suggestions for games.
Character Teaching Bedtime Stories ($2.99)
With this app, parents will get 50 bedtime stories to read to kids. Teachers could also use this app as a lesson supplement or illustrated story. It comes with a guide for creating your own character building stories.
SpyKid Secret Code Book ($2.99)
I am absolutely crazy about this Smartphone app. You can send a coded message to your kids! Code a scripture or issue a special challenge to your students and volunteers.
Besides these six smartphone apps, there’s dozens more available for the iPhone or iPad. It’s as easy as download, click and play.

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