Lesson: The Three "All's" of God

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This lesson for children will help them to understand that the Lord personally created them.  It will help them to understand His knowledge of all things, His constant presence, and His power over all things. There are few things more important to teach kids than to know the character of God. This lesson was designed for kids church, but you could easily modify it for other learning contexts.

Bible Story: The Three “All’s” of God
Scripture: Psalm 139
Target Age Group: Age 7 – 12 (U.S. 1st – 6th Grade)
Time: 20 Minutes
Learning Context: Children’s Church
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Learning Objectives:  After this lesson…

  • Children express their understanding about Who created them.
  • Children express what they learn about the Lord being everywhere.
  • Children express how they feel about the Lord knowing everything about them.

Curriculum Target: 1st– 6th grade
Material Needed:

  • Bible:  Psalm 139.
  • Prepare beforehand a copy with the important lessons highlighted to ensure specific explanation of them. In verses 1-6 we see that the Lord knows all things.  Verses 7-12 explain God’s presence in all places, and verses 13 -24 show the Lord’s ability to do all things, such as creating each of us.
  • Visual Aids: pictures of children sitting, standing, playing, sleeping, eating, singing and/or talking; globe; ultrasound of a baby and/or picture of parents with a newborn baby (not really clear how this )

Teaching Plan:
Establish the lesson by briefly explaining the words:  omniscience (He knows all things.), omnipresence (He is everywhere.), and omnipotence (He has the power to do all things).  Maybe make this a game to match  the words to the definitions on a marker board before you explain. Make sure the children repeat the words and have an understanding of how it describes a character of the Lord.
Active Listening:
Prior to reading the passage, divide the group of children into three groups and ask one third to listen for what they learn from the passage about the Lord being everywhere.  Ask another third to listen for the lessons taught on the Lord’s knowledge of everything, and the final third to listen what is taught about what the Lord is capable of doing.
Read (and Recap) Psalm 139.  Reinforce the lesson by asking questions.  What does the Lord know about you? He knows my thoughts, deeds, and words.  Where can you hide from the Lord?  Nowhere.  What is the Lord able to do?  He creates us in our mother’s womb.  Say to the children, “If we are honest, we sometime wish the Lord could not see us, hear us, or know all about us, don’t we?”
Immediately following the reading of the lesson seek a response from the children about their listening assignment.  What did they learn about the Lord’s knowledge, presence, and power?
When you’re finished reading the passage, use the pictures to talk about how the  Lord knows when they are sitting, standing, playing, sleeping, eating, singing and/or talking. Use the ultrasound picture to talk about the Lord’s power to create people, such as themselves, in their mother’s womb and how special each person is to Him.  Point to spots on the globe and tell the children that God is with all those living in the United States, China, Russia, and everywhere in the world all at the same time.
Select one child from each of the three groups to help illustrate the characteristic they learned about the Lord. Help them express what they think it means that the Lord knows all things, is everywhere, and capable of doing anything.
Lesson Evaluation:
Ask one volunteer from each group to tell everything they remember the Psalm taught them about their character trait about the Lord.
Give a list of Bible events and ask the children to identify whether it illustrates the Lord’s omniscience, omnipresence, or omnipotence best. (Some may have more than one, but emphasize the strongest trait in each).

  1. When Jonah ran from God and ended up in the belly of a great fish.  Omnipresence.
  2. The Lord created the heavens and the earth.  Omnipotence.
  3. Gabriel told Mary she would conceive a son by the Holy Spirit. Omniscience.
  4. The Lord told Noah to make an ark because a flood was coming.  Omniscience.
  5. When Jesus turned the water into wine.  Omnipotence.
  6. When Jesus calmed the storm.  Omnipotence.
  7. When David hid so King Saul could not kill him.  Omnipresence.
  8. When Jesus told the disciples He would rise from the dead in three days. Omniscience.
  9. As Nathanael sat under the fig tree, Jesus told him that Philip came to tell him about Jesus.  Omnipresence.
  10. When Jesus asked Saul/Paul the reason he was persecuting Christians.  Omnipresence.
  11. When Jesus fed the 5000.  Omnipotence.
  12. When Jesus told the Pharisees they were plotting to kill Him.  Omniscience.

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  1. Very nice, I’m filling in for the regular teacher, so thanks for the help. I’m thinking of adding shamrocks out of construction paper to show HIS three “alls”.

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