Amy Dolan: Kids Ministry Champion of the Week

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This week we are honoring Amy Dolan as our Kidmin Champion of the Week. Her blog is widely followed, even making the final four in our little contest last March. She also has an impressive resume of real world ministry experience, church consulting, and conference speaking. I should mention her lead role in the excellent What Matter’s Now in Children’s Ministry ebook.
What I like about Amy is her humble attitude and passion for kids ministry. It’s often hard to balance the two, but she has the rare ability to say hard things in a loving way. Much of her writing is self-reflective and always on target.
I have never met Amy in person, but feel like I know her after following her blog and video posts. She has often left comments on our site and we’ve kicked around some ideas through email. If you want to keep up with her, you can find her on Twitter or check out her blog. In June, she is speaking at the CM Telesummit.
Thank you Amy for being an advocate of Kids Ministry.

The comments on this post are open for you to leave encouragement for Amy. Feel free to share something you have learned from her website or just say thanks for all her work to promote kids ministry.

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