Christmas Acrostic Poem Activity Sheet

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Here is a great Christmas time activity to have your class take part in. This could be an individual or class project. Simply pass out the worksheet to the children in your class. Have them fill in a blessing for each letter in the word “Christmas”. For example: C=Christ, H=heaven, R=rain, etc.

For an individual activity, each child could fill out their own worksheet and decorate. Then it could be sent home, made into a class book, or posted up on a bulletin board for all to see. For a class project, you could post the letters of the word “Christmas” up on the board or bulletin board. Then you can put paper beside each letter and have the children come up, as a class, with blessings for each letter, having more than one blessing for each letter.
Make this activity your own and have fun. Remember to guide the children in their thinking towards the real meaning for Christmas. Accept any answer (that’s appropriate), but help widen their thinking to remember Christ and what He did for us.
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