Christmas Bow Party Games for Kids

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Christmas Bow Party Games for Kids
Christmas bows make great party tools, especially if you have an abundance in a variety of colors. For these fast-paced games, you will need a couple of big bags of unused bows. From balancing games to straight up Christmas races, these party games will keep the fun going during game time or free time. Inexpensive an colorful, Christmas bows really are the perfect gamepiece! Try one of these fun, Christmas party games for kids–or with playful adults.
Bow Tree Race: For this game you need two kids about the same height to pretend to be Christmas trees or two actual small Christmas trees, again, the same height. The “trees” stand on one side of the room. The players, divide into two teams of equal players, must then grab a bow, (one bow, one kid at a time), run to the tree and stick it to him. Kids should stick bows on the arms and head of the tree, unless it is a real tree–then you can stick them anywhere. Whichever team decorates their tree fastest with the most bows is the winner. Bows that fall off don’t count.
Christmas Bow Balance: This games has a start and finish line. At the start line, there should be two baskets of bows with equal amounts of bows in each. One child goes to finish line and waits. He’s the guy who has to balance the bows and walk back to the start line. His team mate waits for you to call a bow color like, “Red!” Then the player grabs as many red bows as possible and takes them to the player waiting at the finish line. He helps put all the bows on his head (no sticky tape though) and walks back to the start line. If one bows falls off, you have to try again. If he makes it, the person who puts the bows on him has to wait for new bows of a different color. The game is played until all bows are used. Easy but fun!
Sort the Bows Race: This game is similar but you’ll need four baskets and two big bags of different colored bows. Dump all the bows into the two baskets at the start line. Place the other two baskets at the finish line. Divide the class into two teams. Once you call out a color, they have run back and forth, from the bow basket to the empty basket, carrying two bows at a time. If they drop a bow, it can’t be picked up.This continues until one team has all the bows in the basket at the starting line. Count to see who has the most! Told ya! Easy-peasy!
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