Christmas Object Lesson: The Nativity Scene

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Using a nativity scene for Christmas lesson is a no-brainer but if you want to present a new twist on your teaching, I’ve got some ideas to share with you. By presenting your teaching in this visual, interactive manner, you will engage kids in a way that will keep them interested in learning more about the Bible. Even if your church is not presenting a Christmas program, acting out the nativity scene in your class is also a neat way to reinforce this lesson. Besides that, you can check out these Christmas object lesson ideas.
Racing to the Nativity: For this object lesson, you need a nativity scene, minus the star and a small racetrack with the car. Set up a nativity set on a table or floor and place the racetrack around it. Place the car on the track. Talk to kids about the Christmas star. You could even share this portion of the Bible story with them. Explain how the wise men followed the star to find their way to baby Jesus. Talk about what would’ve happened if they had no star or no way to find the baby. Tell the kids, “Let’s look for baby Jesus.” Drive the car around the track a few times and then stop. Say to the kids, “You know, we really need a sign. What would help us find baby Jesus?” Agree with the kids when they say a Christmas star. Place the Christmas star in your nativity scene and then race around the track one more time. Because you see the star you know where to stop!
Find the Baby Jesus: Set the nativity scene up on a display table but hide the baby Jesus somewhere in the room. Encourage the children to come by and see the display. Say nothing about the missing baby; let them bring it up. Once they have all discovered that the baby Jesus is missing, tell them you have hidden him in the room somewhere. Have everyone against the wall in your brain. Playing the Hot/Cold game and leave them to where the baby Jesus is hidden. You can also make it a scavenger hunt giving them clues to the baby’s whereabouts.
Once the baby is found, carefully place him in the nativity scene and read the Bible story to the class.
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