Christmas Songs for Kids Game Activity

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Christmas Songs for Kids Game Activity
Need to fill in some blank spaces in your children’s ministry lineup? Then we have a Christmas activity games for you. These games will keep kids moving and keep kids focused on Christmas. This game is perfect for children of all ages even preschoolers love it—even if they don’t get all the motions correct. I like to play an instrumental Christmas CD in the background to keep it festive! The game works like this. A caller, like you or another volunteer, stands before the class and calls out a Christmas song. The children follow along and make the appropriate hands and feet movement. You can teach them one or two hand movements or all ten. It is a fun game to teach progressively too. Just add a few songs each week and by the time Christmas comes around they will know so much!
Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Merry Christmas: Stand up
  • Hallelujah: Jump up and down
  • Happy Holidays: Shake hands like jazz hands
  • Noel, Noel: Stand on one foot and then the other
  • Silent Night: Sit down put your finger over your lips
  • Jingle Bells: Stop your feet
  • We Three Kings: Three fingers on both hands
  • Up on the House Top: Stand on tip toes
  • Deck the halls: Clap clap clap
  • Start slow and then get faster! Like Simon Says, have kids sit down if they miss or just keep the fun going. Need some more suggestions?
  • O Holy Night: Spin in one circle
  • The Little Drummer Boy: Pretend to drum
  • Joy to the World: Pretend to blow a trumpet
  • Merry Christmas!

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