Disciples Bingo – Bible Review Game

This printable Bible bingo game reviews the names of the twelve disciples. There are twelve names on each card but only three in a row are required to win, so this is bingo with a twist. It is recommended for grade 2 and up. Download: game boards and calling cards Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock or heavy paper, and cut apart the calling cards (20 bingo cards and 12 calling

Printable Bingo Game for "Red Ribbon Week"

Red Ribbon Week is an anti-drug emphasis every year Oct. 23-31 nationally. Many public and private schools use this time to focus kids on better choices. This free activity is for younger children and should start conversations about things that are more fun than drugs. Download: Game boards and calling cards Red Bingo is a fun way to involve elementary-age children. It pictures nine red objects providing healthy alternatives to drugs. 20 bingo cards and 9 calling

5 Minute to Win It Games for Fall

I love “minute to win it” games! They keep my early arrivers busy and give me a fun way to interact with kids. It’s important to infuse your lessons with some silliness and these games are the perfect for that. Rotate these five, minute to win it games for fall each week. You may need some extra volunteers for these fall games. Ping pong basketball: You need two short, plastic drink cups and a few ping-pong balls

"I AM – Names for Jesus" Printable Game

This is a board game for 2 to 4 players or teams. Children learn names used for Jesus in the book of John as they move through the chapters of John and collect cards depicting these titles. Materials Needed: Game Board: Download – i-am-game-board Game Cards: Download – i-am-game-cards Spinner: Download – i-am-game-spinner-directions Large safety pin and medium-sized brad for assembling spinner (if using spinner) Buttons or coins for markers Preparation: Print the game board and the spinner

"Names for God" Bingo Review Game

This game focuses on the attributes of God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It could be used for Father’s Day or any time you want to emphasize the characteristics of God. The game includes 18 bingo cards and 18 calling cards. Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock or heavy paper, and cut them apart. Cut colored paper or cardboard into 1-inch squares to make markers (or choose to use

Game Idea: Beach Ball Stories

**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net Beach Ball Stories is designed specifically for preteens and is a great ice-breaker or review activity. If you are using it as an ice-breaker, then have preteens come up with a story on a random subject that you give them. If you are using it to review a Bible lesson, then have preteens paraphrase the Bible story as if it happened in modern times. This game is a

5 Ways to Use Beach Balls in Kids’ Church

Nothing speaks to a child’s playfulness like a bouncing beach ball. Thankfully, these lightweight toys are inexpensive and easy to find. Shopping clearance beach toys every August is a tradition for me and I use every one I find. Besides tossing beach balls around during the praise service, I’ve found some other ways to use these colorful toys. Find yourself with a stockpile of balls? Use them for your icebreaker, as an object lesson or play some

Game Idea: SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE ‘N’ GRAB

**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net Use this fun game in your preteen ministry this spring or summer. Supplies: Homemade Slip ‘N’ Slide made from plastic sheeting, baby shampoo, water hose, assortment of objects varying in size (small, medium, large, x-large) How to Make a Slip ‘N’ Slide: You can purchase plastic sheeting (heavy duty) at most home improvement stores. These rolls will make more slip ‘n’ slides than you can use in a

Printable "Mothers of the Bible" Game for Sunday School

Children can learn about mothers and children in the Bible by playing a card matching game. Nine Bible families are featured, including a short description of each family that can lead to further conversation about the Bible characters. This game would be fun to play on Mother’s Day or appropriate to accompany a lesson about any of these Bible characters. It is recommended for 2 to 4 players. Click here to download the free printable game cards.

Printable "Armor of God" Game for Children

In this game players collect all the pieces of the Armor of God while learning what they represent. It can be used to introduce or to review this important topic. This resource would be a good companion to our free lessons and coloring pages based on Ephesians 6:10-18. Click here to download the printable. Print one sheet for each player on card stock or heavy paper. (Picture 1) Cut each sheet in half, and cut apart one of

Easter Bingo Game for Sunday School

This game would work well on Easter Sunday morning, when you have extra visitors. It teaches basic Christian truths, and it requires no prior knowledge. Kids will enjoy Easter Bingo and learn the basics of how Jesus rose from the grave. Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock or heavy paper, and cut apart the calling cards. Cut colored paper or cardboard into 1-inch squares to make markers (or choose to use

Scripture Memory Game: Balloon Juggle

Use this simple game to help a large group of children practice their Bible memory verses. All you’ll need is a few balloons. Watch the video below and leave a comments below. The idea for this game came from the Minute To Win It ideas we’ve posted before. Instead of using a clock to limit the time, we decided a group of kids saying their scripture memory verses would work. Be sure to checkout out other games

"Not So Angry Birds" Games for Kids Church

Who knew a free iPhone app could boost the attendance in my kids’ church? Thanks to some inspiration from the popular Angry Birds game, we just wrapped up a month of Not-So Angry Birds in kids’ church. Along with lessons on anger, revenge and unity, we had plenty of fun along the way too. Before the month was over, we had doubled our attendance and now look forward to moving into a spring revival in the ministry.

Bible Verse Review Game: Ball Toss Over Friend

This little review game is a little twist on the standard ball toss game. You can watch the video below for a visual demonstration. We used it in children’s church in connection with our Bible lesson on Psalm 118:24. Leave your own comments below to help us improve this idea for other readers. Supplies: Soft plastic balls, rubber dish tub, children After working with a Bible verse during the lesson, we used this activity to close out

"Books of the Bible" Bingo Review Game

Playing Bible Bingo will help children begin to understand the structure of the Bible – how it is divided into the Old and New Testaments, each containing many books. It is most suitable for younger children and other children who are not very familiar with the organization of the Bible. The game features the terms Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospels; the books Genesis, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Revelation; and the numbers 39, 27, and 66

"Build-A-Deer Workshop" Christmas Game for Preteens

**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net Object: This is a team-based game to see which team can create the most off-the-hook “reindeer” antlers in 5 minutes! Supplies: For each team provide: 1 new pair of brown or tan panty hose; 14-7″ balloons; 1 red gift bow and two 6–8″ lengths of Christmas ribbon; a paper bag to hold the supplies Preparation: Cut off the tips of the toes of each pair of panty hose. Cut

Days of Creation Game

Is there any benefit in learning the days of creation in order? The goal should never be enabling someone to spout off the information just so they can say they memorized it. However, we can learn some lessons from studying God’s creation activities: God has a plan and does things in an orderly fashion. Days 1 through 3 prepared for days 4 through 6. The sun, moon, and stars (day 4) shine the light (day 1); the

"Fruit of the Spirit" Bingo Review Game

Download this printable BINGO style game to help children review and talk about the Fruit of the Spirit. We would love to hear your feedback and creative ideas, simply leave a comment below. God wants to produce the Fruit of the Spirit in children’s lives. This game helps them become familiar with the qualities that are listed in Galatians 5:22-23. It would be suitable for any lesson about the Fruit of the Spirit. Print the bingo cards and the bingo

10 Wacky Olympic Games for Kids Ministry

Still looking for a few summer games for your kids ministry?   Add these Olympic game variations to your Vacation Bible School, day camp, summer camp, or whatever else you have planned!  Get ready to compete, laugh, and encourage the children in your ministries.  Of course, adapt as necessary for the age, size, and ability of your group.  Just remember to demonstrate everything first, use objects that you have on hand to cut costs, and the sillier the

OMC Game: Bring Camp Fun to Your Church

Tonight we played the OMC game to mark the end of our Spring session of kids ministry programs. It was a blast, even with only 30 children playing. OMC stands for Organized Mass Choas. It’s a game developed by the CentriKid camps and published by LifeWay. Here’s how it works: Set everything up in a large outdoor space. You’ll need water balloons, pool noodles, shaving cream, and other random outside items. Divide the kids into any number

"The Noodle Game" Idea for Preteen Ministry

**This is a guest post from Nick Diliberto from PreteenMinistry.net In a previous post, Harnessing the High Energy of Preteens, I wrote about using the high energy level of preteens (especially boys) constructively. One idea mentioned was to play a large group game at the beginning of your gathering. Below is a great example of a fun relationship building game that preteens absolutely love. The Noodle Game Supplies: 3-4 swimming noodles per 30 players. If your group is over 30

Game Ideas for Your Church Bus Ministry

The church bus ministry entails much more than finding new kids and loading them on the bus for Sunday. Transit time is valuable and perfect for ministering to kids with fun games. Bus games give kids a chance to get to know one another and you. An exciting game also engages the child’s attention and keeps busy hands out of trouble. Before you and your team roll out of the parking lot gather a few supplies and

Preschool "Fall into Harvest" Teaching Games for Kids

Looking for a way to merge the fall season into your Sunday School lesson, Bible club, Christian classroom, or Awana meeting?  Here are three age-appropriate Bible game ideas for preschoolers.  They are sure to not only engage and entertain the youngest crowd, but also teach them an applicable Biblical truth.  Get ready to get out of your seats, laugh, encourage, learn, and wiggle! Wiggle Those Bones:  This game is a perfect way for preschoolers to burn some

The Sleeping Game for Children's Church

Sometimes kids sleep too much and miss Sunday School. Other times children will get to church rowdy! One morning, I was having a rough morning and our children’s church was getting a little rowdy.  A few of the kids were even practicing their complaining skills. Before I knew it, the following words came out of my mouth. Since everyone is a little cranky today, I will give you a choice. We can do our normal set of