Back-To-School Lessons “Faith Over Fear” Discount Code

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Kids need something solid to anchor their faith in times of fear. This 5-unit study points them right to the character of GOD as displayed in the Gospel. Christ alone is our confidence in life and death.

We’re so excited about the early response to FAITH OVER FEAR available only from the Sunday School Store. The promotion attached to this post has ended, congratulation to Angela and Ursula. Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback about this new material. We pray it will be a blessing to the kids in your ministry.

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Interview with the Author, Bethany Darwin

Be sure to watch our Facebook live conversation about how kids can overcome fear this year by trusting in GOD. You’ll hear the passion behind this topic and why kids need God’s Word more than ever.

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Faith Over Fear Bible Curriculum for Back To School.
New Sunday School Curriculum: Our Bible lessons are designed to keep the kids’ attention and show how God's Word makes a difference. Every series is flexible enough for a wide-age group and affordable enough for small churches. Download a free Bible lesson in pdf or view our latest Sunday School curriculum for small churches.

37 thoughts on “Back-To-School Lessons “Faith Over Fear” Discount Code”

  1. oh, this would be fantastic. most kids are heading back to school, but there is much anxiety over this. teaching them to trust in God during this time is a huge opportunity for practical application.

  2. With many students going back to school while their peers are staying home due to some school districts offering only online options, we have a variety of students facing different challenges and changes. Parents and students are afraid of socializing with those in different groups/circumstances. This would be a very helpful tool to help our students find their faith and not let fear grip them!

  3. Being in an inner city our kids face daily challenges that a lot of kids normally do not. Now in the midst of this chaos that the media is adding has not helped our community. I know we all do what we can but putting God first is truly the answer

  4. As a teacher, I am very excited to see the Faith over Fear series. Our kids need to know that they can confidently go back to school knowing our Lord Jesus watches over them. Fear is a powerful tool of the enemy and I desire that our kids know how to overcome that fear through Jesus Christ!

  5. I am working with young people in my parish and think Faith over Fear would be very helpful during these difficult times.

  6. Faith over Fear is an appropriate subject for children. At this point in time both children and parents are of fear sending their children back to school and children feel this dear. So if the children can feel the fear then this fear can be wiped away if the parents express faith instead, believing that God is in control. He is with us and faith in Christ overcomes the world. The same way God always protect His people, He will protect the young ones going back to school. Let them k ow that faith will block bad things to happen.
    Faith overcomes fear all the time. If you have faith in Christ Jesus there will be no fear at all.
    May God bless the parents to show strong continuous faith which will be pass on the the children. Faith is happiness – children need to feel free and happy.
    Amen in Jesus name.🙏😊

  7. I would have already purchased, but I lack the funds right now! I’d love to teach this to my own children! I have already posted the link for my church parents to purchase this study for their own children. It is so necessary that our children know Truth, and can live according to it, which means, FEARLESSLY! Thank you for offering this!

  8. I believe teaching children the difference between faith in God and fear of circumstances is vitally important for the spiritual and mental well-being of our children and youth. Children and youth need to know that God will fight on their behalf, especially in the current social climate and health crisis.

  9. I coordinate a faith-at-home program for our parish and I have 5 children myself. Fear is a hidden undercurrent in the lives of everyone this year, even if it is never spoken of out loud. I would truly appreciate a God-based program to share with the families and children in my program, and in my family, without having to create it myself.

  10. Hi
    This is a good lesson to teach and remind children that God did not give them a spirit of fear but one of love and of a sound mind. This lesson will allow children of all ages (including adults) to learn how to activate their faith and continue to increase their faith in God. Last, but not the least of the reasons why this is a good children’s lesson, they will learn that they can truly do all things through Christ who gives us and them strength.

  11. Fear paralizis people both young and old thefore it important to teach children about faith that God is theire ultimate protector,to pray and read Gods word regarding God’s protection upone them also to incourage to comply to do what is necessary for them to be safe as they travel along the way and during the school hours.

  12. With the pandemic that is happening to and all the other protests that’s is happening children needs reassurance that their is no need to fear many are asking the question s and at times some parents and teachers do not have a comforting answer for them therefore these lessons will go a long way reassuring them that there is one the can have trust in

  13. I have a lot kids in my youth class that deal with anxiety on a regular basis. Any tools I can give them for strength and guidance to get through would be a great help. Growing up is hard enough these days with out a pandemic to deal with on top of it. Going back to school and dealing with loss is so very hard for a young person to process. These materials would be a wonderful support to my kids.

  14. There are many times young kids, teens, young adults as well as older need to remember that God is there to help us fight our battles. All we have to do is ask Him and have faith that He will keep His promise, and all our fears will be calmed.
    We are a small church, and this curriculum would be an awesome asset to our church children as well as our small community.

  15. What a great and much needed topic! I teach a small children’s study, we generally take advantage of your free samples. I would love the oppportunity to receive an entire study! Our small community has only a few cases but is being directd to perform as if we all have it. It is so sad. Our schools mandating the children go back underr strict guidlines that do nothing but promote fear! The parents of hte children from my Bible study and I are dicussing homeschool options. Thank you for all you do for the large and the small!! God bless you and all your contributers!! You are truly a God-send!!!!!!

  16. So many parents are afraid right now, and that fear rubs off on their kids. We need these lessons to combat that fear.

  17. This study is needed in my community, Southside of Chicago.
    Children and adults experiencing gun violence, weekend after weekend. Children are fearful and now the Virus.. Two challenges causing Fear, Violence and Virus.

  18. I think it’s a very important lesson to teach and prepare our kids for the next coming school year, because a lot of our children are scared to go back to school. This lesson will be the hope and assurance They need of knowing that whatever happens God is there to take care of them and watch over them. That there’s nothing to worry about because God is with us! In him we live! God Bless and Amen❤️☺️

  19. As a school teacher and a children’s church teacher I believe this is a valuable resource and want to thank you for it’s availablity.

  20. what a great time for a study like this – I will use it at church – for my grandchildren – for any kids I run into!! I believe I know some adults who could use this study also – we are living in trying times right now – and soon to get worse I believe.

  21. Our children are facing an ever changing world, with parents who are often stressed and afraid themselves. They are going back to school or to a new school with many changes and people who once were friendly supports and leaders now covered by masks. They need a reminder that our God is never changing and has promised to be with His children forever.

  22. In our community there is a strong fear for our children due to the severity of drug use and alcohol and peer pressure in general.

  23. What an AMAZING way to equip and encourage our little ones as they face these unprecedented times!!!!! Thank you all SO much for everything you do in assisting us with raising this next generation of Kingdom Warriors! Blessings in abundance to each of you!

  24. As we continue to manage being in the Covid-19 pandemic it is crucial that we effectively teach God’s word to our youth. We are in a fearful time for Parents as well as youth and the more we instill God’s word in our youth they will be able to navigate their new normal.

  25. We have taught a few lessons on fear for our Sunday school children. This will give us new ideas on a very much needed subject. It will also be a great reminder to ourselves as teachers, through everything that is happening and the challenges we face, we can trust God to take care of us. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  26. This is such a needed resource at this time. Love that this is available. As a children’s leader at church, I love to be blessed with more help.

  27. “I’m afraid,” they said,
    There’s a monster under the bed.
    “Help me the devil is out to get me.”
    “He’s everywhere, can’t you see?”
    Children are being attacked each and every day,
    They need a peace they can cling to and will stay.
    It only comes through Jesus and our faith in Him,
    Every day in all ways we need to teach it to them.

  28. Yes Amen! Faith Over Fear! I believe this is a timely message both for our children and parents. We definitely need to teach this lesson to combat that fear especially our children. I believe it’s important for us to help them find God and draw them closer to HIM especially in this trying times. God is still on the Throne. Amen.

  29. with all that is going in the world with pandemic and protesting, big discussion as to whether to reopen school or continue with remote learning this is important to teach all children about faith.

  30. In this day and when kids are afraid to school, to the store even play in their our front yard. Kids and adults need to know that if you have Jesus and just be able to teach them how to let their faith care them though this time we in live . be able to Step outside without the fear in their hearts would be something awesome.

  31. thanks for all you guys do to help us reach the children, including free curriculum and giveaways!

  32. Where I teach Sunday school, the kids have been through a lot. With the pandemic, they have not had an in-person class since March and thus there will definitely be anxiety about returning to school. Additionally, with the unrest and protests that have been happening, there has been a lot of trauma in the community for various reasons. Choosing faith over fear will be critical for them!

  33. Looks like this would be awesome. This theme is one that I believe would help not only kiddos right now, but their parents as well. We all forget how often the Bible states “do not be afraid”. God wants us to hand over our fears and worries to HIM but it can be such a challenging thing for little ones…really anyone to do. We live in a world of “me, me, me” and a world where we want to be in “control”. Thankfully, we are NOT in control. God is, and wants what is best for us. That “best” is not fear. When we put our trust and faith into our Father, we can accomplish so much more in His glory. Thank you for the opportunity to “win” this curriculum. My Children’s Min budget has been slashed due to covid. I know others are surely in the same boat. Prayers for all of us Kid Min leaders trying our best to offer quality programs to grow the hearts of our little Jesus lovers. 🙂

  34. Hi Ursula,

    We ran the drawing for the FAITH OVER FEAR curriculum and you’re comment was selected as the winner. Congratulates – I’m going to email you directly with download instructions.

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