Free Stuff Friday "The New" Newsletter from Ministry-To-Children

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We discontinued our email newsletter sometime last summer, it was just too much time to justify the number of people reading. But since then we’ve heard from many readers who miss getting the best of our content delivered to their email.
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So we’re testing a new approach that I’m calling FREE STUFF FRIDAY.
It’s just the very best of our website and focused on things you can print and use right away:

  1. something to print (our top printable resource for the week)
  2. something to pray (a nudge to help you connect with God)
  3. something to play (a game idea to make your teaching time fun)
  4. something to teach (a lesson plan in case there you need a backup)
  5. something to make you laugh (a little humor to keep you smiling, kids notice that)

No worries if email is not your thing, we’re looking for new ways to connect on Facebook & Twitter too. If the form is having problems, here is a backup version.

New Sunday School Curriculum: Our Bible lessons are designed to keep the kids’ attention and show how God's Word makes a difference. Every series is flexible enough for a wide-age group and affordable enough for small churches. Download a free Bible lesson in pdf or view our latest Sunday School curriculum for small churches.