Two Object Lessons about God’s Love

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There is no bigger or better lesson to teach kids than about God’s love. As the Bible tells us, not only is love the primary attribute of God, it is the stuff He’s made of. (1 John 4:8) Yet, in our world today so many children and adults haven’t the vaguest concept of what His love is like. As children’s ministers, it is our privilege and delight to not only to talk about his love but demonstrate it with simple object lessons. God’s love object lessons are easy enough that even the novice teacher or helper could show them.
I love teaching this lesson. It boosts my faith and my spirit to see the spiritual light bulb come on for kids. This is a double-sided lesson too. It ministers to the teacher and the student. Pick one for a powerful message in Sunday School or use both in a longer Children’s Church.
Two Object Lessons about God’s LoveGod’s Love: Cookie Comparison
I love this tasty demonstration. Buy a giant cookie and have it decorated with the words “God’s Love” in icing. Buy a pack of regular-sized chocolate chip cookies. Take one out of the box. Before class, arrange the giant cookie and the single cookie on two separate platters. Keep the cookies covered and talk to kids about different kinds of love. Talk about how Susie loves Johnny, how kids love parents and how pet owners love their pets. Share about whom you love and how they make you feel. Of course, keep everything PG!
Then it is time for the big reveal. Show the two platters. Tell kids that the small cookie is the love we have for each other and all the kinds of love you talked about. Show kids the giant cookie. Tell kids this is God’s love. Explain to kids that God’s love is deeper, bigger and better than any other kind of love you can receive. Then eat the cookies, after the blessing!
Two Object Lessons about God’s LoveGod’s Love: Little Shoes, Big Shoes
For this object lesson you will need to pairs of shoes, one infant-sized and a large pair of mens’ shoes. Hold up the small pair and show it to the group. Explain to kids parents help us learn to walk and guide us through the beginning of our life. We get lots of hugs and kisses because our parents shower us with love. However, as we get older our parents are not with us every minute of the day. Once we learn to walk, we become more independent. Eventually we do things for ourselves like make our bed, tie our shoes and go to school.
Hold up the second pair of shoes. Tell kids that many children are sad about becoming an adult. They still want kisses, hugs and lots of love from Mom and Dad. Explain to children that no matter how big they are, God loves them as their father. We are never too big to sit in God’s lap. Let kids know that they are never too old to experience God’s love. He will always be with them. And His shoes are always bigger!

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