Children's Bible Story Lesson Plan: Jesus Is The Bread Of Life from John 6:22-40

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Bible lessons for childrenThis Bible lesson plan for children can be used in Sunday school or kids church. You can download this children’s church lesson as a Word document from the following link — Children’s Bible Lesson Plan: Jesus Is The Bread of Life John 6:22-40.
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Bible Teaching Lesson: Jesus Is The Bread Of Life
Text: John 6:22-40
Learning Objectives: After this lesson, children will demonstrate understanding of three claims Jesus makes in this passage … by restating these truths in their own words.
1. Jesus can give eternal life.
2. Jesus is the bread of life.
3. Everyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life.
Target Age: Kindergarten – 5th
Craft: Printable “Jesus is the Bread of Life” Booklet
Teaching Setting: This lesson was first taught in our broadly graded children’s church on Sunday morning to about 35 children. Our kids begin in the sanctuary with their families and are dismissed to children’s church before the pastor’s sermon. Before the lesson the children participate in several songs and group Bible memory exercises. I aim for no longer than 15-25 minutes with each lesson plan depending on learning activities.

Items Needed:

  • Marked Bible for this passage. Prepare the copy in advance by highlighting the significant points to emphasize. Underlining words or ideas that will need additional explanation. I typically make small notes in the margin.
  • Clue Phrases: Write the underlined words from the statements above on single sheets of paper. Eternal life, bread, believes in Jesus
  • Paper and drawing/coloring supplies. The children will have an opportunity to illustrate ideas taught in the lesson. You will need enough supplies for every child to have a piece of paper and drawing/coloring supplies. To add variety you can have the children paint or use other methods to illustrate the ideas.

Explanation: This story builds from last weeks lesson where Jesus fed the five thousand. The crowds begin to follow Jesus looking for more bread, so the Savior uses this as a teaching moment. He explains that bread alone will not satisfy their deepest need. Rather, they can have eternal life by believing in Him.
This lesson presents a good summary of the Gospel promise of eternal life. However, it is best suited for children who have a solid foundation in Bible teaching. Many of the concepts present in this story will require previous knowledge. These include: manna from heaven, eternal life, the nature of true faith and how Jesus died to purchase this salvation.
The symbolism of Jesus as “bread from heaven” may be difficult for preschool aged children. This rest of the chapter continues this theme and should be read as you prepare to teach.

Jesus Is The Bread Of Life – John 6:22-40
Sunday School Lesson For Children

One Page Teaching Plan

Ask the learners, “Have you ever gone without eating for a whole day?” Explain that your body begins to get weak if you don’t get food. Food is one of our basic needs – we all must eat to live.
Last week we learned how Jesus fed 5,000 families. He met their basic need for food. Today we are going to learn how Jesus can give us something we need more than food.
Active Listening: Introduce the children to the three clue phrases you’ve written on pieces of paper. If possible display these on the wall or on a marker board. Ask the children to listen carefully for these phrases as you tell the story.
Read (and summarize) John 6:22-40. Be sure to engage the children with good story telling. Key points include:
1. Jesus can give eternal life.
2. Jesus is the bread of life.
3. Everyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life.
Review: Remind the children of the three key phrases you’ve displayed. Read the following statements aloud. Ask for volunteers to raise their hand and match one key phrase with the right statement. Repeat for all three statements.

  • Jesus can give ______________
  • Jesus is the ___________ of life.
  • Everyone who ______________ will have eternal life

To use this lesson for Children’s Sunday School, you will want to add additional learning activities here like a craft to complement the Bible lesson.
Picture It: Divide the class into three groups. Assign each group one of the statements. Ask them to draw/color a picture that explains their key statement. After several minutes have volunteers share their illustration with the class. Write the appropriate key statement on each child’s project.
Test / Another Way To Say: Read the key statements one at a time. Ask the children to think carefully about what those key statements mean. Have volunteers suggest another way to say the same thing with different words.
Prayer: Lead the children in a time of prayer. Pray specifically that they will believe in Jesus and his promise of eternal life.

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  1. Thank you so much for the Bible lessons and the craft ideas. Bless you in your ministry. We love you for sharing your knowledge and ideas with our children.

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