Ministry Spotlight: Jelly Telly

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Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, has a new web-based ministry for children.  It is called Jelly Telly.  The essence of the website is to provide a safe-haven for children to “surf” the web.  There is a daily “television” show with puppets, computer animated characters, and live actors teaching a God-centered lesson. You can check out all the characters found in the show.  My personal favorite is Brother Louie who reminds me of younger Bill Cosby.
Each episode is fast paced and kid-energizing.  I found with my children that their attention was drawn to the bold colors and silly voices and characters.  The “Kidmo-Deep” sections contain what I am calling the “God Nugget.”  It is in this portion of the show where the children are challenged with what the Bible says about the topic of the day.
While all of the shows are free for home use, you do have the option to purchase Bible Summaries for use in your children’s ministry.  The cost for these is a nominal $4.99 each.  You can preview each Bible summary before you purchase.  They also have a page for playing games with the characters of Jelly Telly.  Ultimately, this is a resource worth checking into for your children in your home as well as an aid in your children’s ministry.

Video Introduction To Jelly Telly

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