Mobile Apps for Churches

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Mobile Church Apps
There are some exiting new ways to expand your church’s ministry through mobile technology. Just a few years ago it took a massive investment to build an iPhone app for your ministry. Only the largest congregations could afford the cost.
Things have really changed.
The prices for mobile ministry apps is now within reach of every congregation or even the different ministries within every church. Now is the time to extend your ministry to better connect with people in their everyday lives.
Here’s one example. My friend Matt McKee has started a company called “ROAR.” They help churches extend their ministry through mobile apps for iPad, Android, and iPhone. Right now they are even building 1000 free apps to help get churches get started. The only cost is the ongoing hosting & service fee – starting at $30 per month. Click here to check it out.
I’d love to hear how your church is using mobile technology to extend the ministry. You can leave a comment below to offer your thoughts.

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