Preschool Moms Ministry: Preschool Play Day

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When ministering to children we must keep in mind our ministry is also to their parents.  We are to partner with parents in spiritually leading their children.  Not only are we to teach our church’s children on Sunday mornings, but we are to support the parents in our church so they can biblically train up their children in the way they should go.
Many preschool moms spend much time in their homes with their children.  A great way to reach out to these young mothers and partner with them is to organize Preschool Play Days.  The summer is a perfect time to plan a few of these fun fellowship events!
For a Preschool Play Day, an activity is planned where the children can play with each other while the mothers are freed up to talk and encourage one another.  Plan a play day on a chosen weekday to give moms and kids a chance to connect with one another on a day other than Sunday.  These play days work best in the mornings, so the moms and kids can enjoy the activity and eat lunch together before everyone heads home for the children’s afternoon naps.
A way to spiritually partner with these preschool moms would be to create a written devotional which corresponds with the chosen activity.  A copy of the devotional can be distributed to the moms to take home and teach their children later that day.
Here are some ideas to use which have been done at my church:
1.   Visit the Local Zoo
Many young families in your church may already have a family pass to your city’s zoo.  These passes often allow an extra guest to join them which can be used for moms who do not have a pass.  Meet at the front gate and then have a pre-designated time and place in the zoo to gather for lunch later.  A devotional for this day could focus on God the Creator or the story of Noah’s Ark.
2.   Park Play
Every city has a park with a play structure.  Choose a park in your city which has a playground appropriate for preschool children.  Have the moms pack lunches to bring, so the children can play and then everyone can eat lunch together.  This idea could be used multiple times throughout the summer at various parks.  A devotional for this day could focus on kindness, putting others before yourself and how God is glorified when we play well with others at the park.
3.   Water Fun
Plan a variety of water activities to do on the grounds of your church campus.  You could set up a few small kiddie pools, some slip-n-slides, water balloon games and more.  A devotional for this day could be focused on Jesus and the woman at the well from John 4.
4.  Inflatables
Rent some inflatable bounce houses to have set up on the grounds of your church.  These make for hours of fun for young kids!  A devotional for this day could focus on how God made each of us in the image of Him and we are to take care of our bodies for it honors the Lord.
5.  Gymnastics
Many gymnastics facilities will organize a structured playtime for large groups where the children get to try out the equipment and learn how to do basic tumbling.  Call around to some local gyms or search the internet to compare prices and see what is offered in your area.  A devotional for this day could be on the same topic as the one written for the inflatables day above.
When offering these events to families it is wise to keep the price low and free whenever possible.  If this is a new idea for your church, start by planning just one event to see how well it is received by the preschool families in your congregation.  Preschool Play Days are a highlight of the week for our preschool moms and kids.  Give Preschool Play Days a try and you will find your preschool mothers and children will be blessed!

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