Printable Nativity Playset for Preschoolers

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Printable Nativity Playset for Preschoolers
My Sunday School class loves to color, cut, and has fun re-enacting stories, so I thought they would love this. I just created this simple playlet for them to color, cut, and then use to re-enact the Christmas story. I’m going to even bring in my laminator so that after they color and cut the pieces, I can laminate them and add magnets. Once the magnets are attached, they can “stick” them to the side of the file cabinet that we have in our classroom and re-tell the story. I thought maybe your kids would like to use it, too.

It’s a great set to send home in a little ziplock bag so they can tell their family about THE most important story there is, the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. They can use them on their dishwasher or refrigerator at home to tell the story.

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