Seeds Family Worship Concert

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A few weeks back, some families from our church drove down to Louisville for a free concert at Sojourn Kids. The lead singer from Seeds Family Worship was there playing along with the people from Sojourn Music. We all had a great time and it was a great experience for our kids. Here’s a few video clips from the event.

Overall, I was really impressed by Jason Houser who led the concert. He’s a super talented musician and excels in leading kids in worship. Even with preschoolers going wild, he kept their attention and helped them learn some great new songs.
This kind of event is a great activity to encourage family worship. It’s given my family some new favorite songs to sing and renewed our energy for praising God at home. Plus we finally have a CD that can displace VBS music in our van.

You can watch some video clips of Seeds Family Worship right here on our website including their Psalm 55 song and 1 Timothy 4 song.

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