Printable Sermon Listening Worksheets for Kids

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Free Sermon Listening Sheets for Kids
Need something to help preschoolers be engaged during the worship service? Well, try these listening guides! Even though my church has Junior Church most Sundays, I thought it would be helpful to give preschoolers a guide for listening to the sermon on the days they stay in the adult service.

We place handouts on small clipboards and put them in miniature canvas bags with 3-4 crayons. While it is certainly still challenging to teach a young child how to behave during church, these listening worksheets will help them interact on a child-friendly level.
Let us know if you enjoy these printable worksheets. We’re working on several more in the series.

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2 thoughts on “Printable Sermon Listening Worksheets for Kids”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more.
    Very good, and probably take some time to create!
    Now if we were preaching on the same text and schedule…..!
    Hey, send the sermon texts!! haha j/k.


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