The Easiest Christmas Lesson to Teach – Only Your Bible is Required

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The Easiest Christmas Lesson to Teach - Only Your Bible is Required
This year for my Jr. Church class we are making it simple. You see, I have a young group who don’t necessarily know the Bible story of Christmas. So we are taking it slow and easy, making sure that they understand the characters and events that lead to the greatest event EVER…the birth of Jesus.
I wanted to walk my students through the story of Jesus’ birth using the Bible. We sit on the floor and we discuss the story. Before I read the passage, I tell them to listen for the different characters that I read about. This really gets them engaged in listening as I read. Then, I read the Bible passage, we talk about the characters, and then we discuss the events that happened. I show my excitement about the story as we discuss it and really bring out the main parts of the story. I want them to be excited about it, as I am! I want them to truly understand why we celebrate Christmas and what really happened so many years ago.
I decided to split up the story into 3 parts:

  • Gabriel visits Mary (Luke 1:26-38)
  • Gabriel visits Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25)
  • Jesus is born & Shepherds Visit (Luke 2:1-20)

All I need is my Bible and some kids to share the story with. That’s all that’s needed! Some people (me included until now) think that you need an elaborate curriculum and various supplies in order to complete a Christmas lesson. Not true. Those things are all good and there is nothing wrong with them. Sometimes it’s good to get down to the simple basic story of the birth of our Savior using the Word of God.

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