This Week in Children's Ministry for 4/21/2010

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I’m always amazed by the volume and quality of posts that filter through our BIG list of children’s ministry blogs each week. Here are a few that caught my eye this week. I’ve limited the list to 10 once again. Enjoy!

  1. I found a blog called “The Crafty Crow” which has some really great craft ideas for kids.
  2. Watch kittens singing “I’ve got the Joy” on YouTube – my little ones made me watch it several times.
  3. Mother’s Day Magnet Craft in 4 easy steps
  4. Watch Art Murphy lead a seminar about the spiritual journey of children.
  5. Read Compassion’s update on life in Haiti after the Earthquake
  6. Julie posted some Earth Day ideas for kids to honor the Creator
  7. Some tips for helping kids memorize scripture references along with the Bible verse
  8. Read what Glen Woods said about the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”
  9. KidMin360 posted How To Create Effective Family Ministry
  10. Victory Circle asks “Do We Really Need Background Checks in Kids Ministry?”

There were hundreds of other helpful posts from the blogs list this week, you can keep up with them all on our list of kids ministry blogs.

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