April Calendar Coloring Page

April Calendar Coloring Sheet for Kids
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This free printable will help children number the days on the calendar and remember that every day is a special creation of God. Click here to see all the months in our calendar. The illustration shows a girl holding an umbrella and other sketches related to springtime. The short poem prayer reads:

God, this April,
come what may
Give us joy and peace
that stay.

Directions: You can right-click on the following links to download this printable in your preferred format.

Younger children may need a parent’s help to correctly write the numbers in the columns. There is an optional sheet with extra events (like birthday & church) for children to cut & paste onto their calendar.

If you enjoy this calendar coloring page, you can leave Mandy a comment below to encourage her work. You might also enjoy her springtime coloring sheets or her free Easter printables.


  1. Michelle says

    Love the calendar coloring pages! They are great homeschooling tools, too. My kindergartener has been doing calendar work this year and these look like a lot of fun for him – and copying the prayer is good for handwriting.

  2. Barb Murphy says

    Mandy, thank you for such a great calendar. The kids in our Children’s Church absolutely love them. It really makes it easy for me and your prayers you put on them are wonderful. Thank you again.

  3. sarah says

    Mandy – thank you for the calendar. I love the prayer and it helps keep my little boy knowing all the funstuff that is coming up for him. Like soccer games and when Grandma is coming and birthday parties. smiles

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