Sunday School Lesson: Using the Tongue

Print off this Sunday School lesson about using the tongue to honor God. It is based on James three and will help children see that God is pleased when we speak in right ways. God himself is our example on righteous speech. This lesson was intended for a Sunday School classroom setting but could also be modified for a children's church lesson about the tongue. Bible Truth: … [Read more...]

Sunday School Lesson “Purpose in Tough Times”

This Sunday School lesson will help children begin a discussion and gain understanding to the Lord's desire to use hard times in their lives to strengthen them and teach them more about Himself and to strengthen their trust in the Lord. ┬áThis lesson is based on James 1:1-4 and┬ácan be used for Sunday School or Children's Church. Bible Truth: God has a purpose for our tough … [Read more...]

Lesson: Peter Raises Dorcas

Print off this free Sunday School lesson based on Acts 9 where Peter raises Dorcas back to life. This lesson teaches children the difference their lives can have on others, and the power of how the Lord can work in the lives of those willing to obey Him. You can also modify this lesson to work in Kids church or other ministry settings. Bible Story: Peter Raises … [Read more...]

“Jesus Knows Me” Sunday School Lesson

This Sunday School lesson will teach children that Jesus is like a good shepherd who knows and loves his sheep. It is based on the classic passage in John 10 where Jesus states those truths. This lesson plan was originally written for elementary aged Sunday School, but you could easily modify it for Children's Church or a preschool Bible lesson. We also have two preschool … [Read more...]

Moses’ Dream Vs. God’s Dream (Sunday School Lesson)

This Sunday School lesson draws an important spiritual point about Moses form Stephan's speech in Acts 7 before the Sanhedrin. This lesson plan will help children see that the Lord has a plan for their lives and how He wants them to look for it and follow it. It can be for Sunday School or Children's Church. This is a great opportunity to help children think ahead to the … [Read more...]