Free Easter Crafts Ideas for Sunday School

Easter is a Christian holiday that almost demands special treatment in your children’s church and Sunday school. Here are some craft ideas online that can help you get started. Please add a comment below to share your favorite Easter Craft ideas. We’ve also collected a large list of Easter crafts on Pinterest.

Cross Shape Book for Easter

Easter Sunday Cross Shapebook Craft – Easter Sunday is arguably the most highly attended Sunday out of the entire year.  More people will be attending church on this Sunday than any other.  You will have children walk through your doors for whom this will be the only Sunday out of the entire year they will be in church.

Painted Cross Craft for Kids

Painted Cross Craft Project for Kids – Here is a craft project we used in our children’s ministry. The idea was to protect a portion of paper with masking tape as the children painted around it. Once dry, we removed the masking tape to reveal the shape of a cross. The page includes this verse from Hebrews 7:25.

Resurrection Eggs Easter Craft – This has become a standard Sunday school activity for many churches.  Here is a video demonstration showing how you can make your own set as Sunday school craft project. It also shows how to teach an Easter lesson for children. This is an excellent idea for Easter crafts.

Easy Easter Craft Ideas (for Buys Teachers): Ministry isn’t always scripted. Christian teachers are often called upon to lead special holiday projects and events without much notice. If the ministry you serve is on a budget, you may find preparing for even well planned Easter projects stressful. Supplying each child with a craft kit is pricy if your ideas are complicated. You need easy, inexpensive crafts that will entertain and reinforce the Easter message. These two Easter craft suggestions could be the good ideas you are looking for.

Use these instructions to make a Palm Sunday cross by folding real palm fronds. We’ve found three different how-to videos to help you get started. This is best used with an older Sunday School class. It could work with younger children, but you’ll need adequate adult helpers on hand. Like any craft, be sure to practice beforehand to master the steps yourself.

This is an easier option, especially for younger children, is this Paper Palm Leaf craft. All you’ll need is some green construction paper and child safe scissors. This would be an excellent option even for kindergarten aged children on Palm Sunday. You could even have some fun acting out the triumphant entry of Jesus after you’ve completed the craft.

This craft shows children that Jesus is the Lion & the Lamb. All the supplies are common around most homes or churches. The idea is to make two faces with paper plates, a lion and a lamb. Then you attach them back to back. The final craft project is mounted on a string to be hung from the ceiling. Based on Revelation.

Tips & Ideas for Easter Crafts

  • Keep your church’s Easter craft simple. Remember the larger number of kids on Easter will make leading the craft more complicated. So keep your Easter craft ideas simple.
  • If you use printable Easter crafts, be sure to print extra for guests. Easter is high attendance day in most churches and Sunday schools. Print enough crafts or coloring sheets for every child.
  • Find crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and younger children also. These simple crafts can make the best keepsakes for parents. Don’t leave out the little ones!
  • Use Easter Bible verses on your crafts to make the religious message of Easter clear. Sometimes traditional Easter crafts get wrapped up in the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Adding a simple Christ-centered Bible verse about Easter can remind parents and kids of the spiritual truth behind the Easter crafts.

Religious Easter Crafts For Children

You can find a wide selection of free Easter craft ideas online. Start your search on these websites that offer free Sunday school crafts. Typically they will have a whole section devoted to Easter Craft ideas. Look for Easter crafts for preschool & toddlers and free printable Easter crafts for kids.

From Our Website

From Other Websites

  • Shrinky Dink Easter Art by Robin Tillman. Check out this 45 minute creative Easter art project from the Sojour Kids blog.
  • Danielle’s Place page on Easter crafts is a great place to find religious Easter crafts.
  • Kaboose Easter Crafts: These are less religious but off several pictures of projects. They list some more complicated projects that would need to be tackled over several weeks in Sunday school or at home with the family.
  • Family Fun Easter Crafts: More projects and crafts for Easter. These are also more traditional than religious. Many of these are larger projects that would fit well for a homeschooling project or a family activity.

Check our special page featuring Easter Ideas for Children’s Ministry.


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