“Bible Boot Camp” Free VBS Curriculum

 Free VBS Curriculum - Armor of GodDownload and print off this free Vacation Bible School curriculum to use in your ministry. Bible Boot Camp “The Armor of God” is a VBS theme based on Ephesians 6:11-18. The links below contain all the lesson plans, craft ideas, and directions you need. Just download the following three PDF files to get started. Special thanks to Tara Merrill, a reader who wanted to share this curriculum with others.

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For more help be sure to check out our tips for planning VBS, gathering VBS crafts, or some game ideas for VBS.

Tara has sent us a second free VBS program. The new one is a Fruit of the Spirit VBS. Follow that link to download this free material now.

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After you download the curriculum you will see a notice about not making copies without written permission. The curriculum creator has granted permission for you to use this in your local church ministry. So, copies in that context are allowed. For other uses, you can leave a comment on this post for the author.

One of our readers, Tara Merrill, wanted to share this vacation bible school material. I was really impressed when she sent me the files. I could tell right away that put her heart into writing this curriculum. Here is how she described it in a comment on our site. Be sure to leave a message at the bottom of this page to let her know you appreciate her efforts.

I am 22 years old trying to follow God’s call in my life. I believe He is leading me to write low-cost, Scripture-driven VBS programs. By His grace and will, I wrote one this summer centering on the armor of God passage found in Ephesians 6:11-18. It is a full program and can be adapted for any church size, as long as people are willing to volunteer. I provide craft and snack ideas, but do not include the actual materials as I believe it is cheaper to purchase the necessary items in one’s own hometown. I also provide drama scripts and dialog to help guide the leaders.

Please leave your comment below with any ideas for improvements or clarifications that need to be made. Your feedback will help Tara make improvements in future programs.


  1. Rita Lyon says

    We’ve been considering this program and like the looks of it. However I don’t see any suggestions for a closing program, which is pretty important in our community and ministry. Any suggestions?


    I am in the process of developing a 5-day plan for Armor of God for VBS 2015. Last year we ran 5 Thursdays in July 9am – 3pm and it was very successful. We are a small church and had one day 13 children, a huge accomplishment for us! This year, we are aiming a bit higher. Thanks for all your input.

  3. Kathleen says

    This is extremely useful for those of us in the mission field, low-cost and readily accessible through internet. I so appreciate all your work.

  4. Melissa says

    We really enjoyed this curriculum. It was an even bigger hit than Big Heart Farms, which is saying something ;-) We modified it to be a squire boot camp for knights-in-training. This involved slight tweaks to the adult skits. Since we’re a small church, we used some creativity and dollar store prowess to create full Armor of God costumes for each child that they added to each week and then wore and took home on the last week. We skipped the sword books and instead had fabric pouches that snapped to their belts and had each week’s verse(s) tucked inside on printed cardstock. Overall, the kids really got into the program, and multiple adults outside the program noted how impressed they were with the kids’ abilities to explain each piece and what it meant. Thank you!

  5. says

    Dear Tara Merrill, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing VBS curriculum “Armor of God”. This was our first Vacation Bible School and we are so grateful to God that we found your curriculum. We pray that Lord Jesus continues to bless you. Thank so much!

    Blessings, Carla Assuncao-Silva
    Christian Church of Orlando – Florida, USA

  6. Patricia Sanders, Youth Outreach Ministry says

    Fellowship Bible Church; Canton, Mississippi used the The Armour of God VBS material as an Tent Bible Boot Camp. The students from Kindergarten to High School enjoyed as day rotation from bible time, craft time to game time. The curriculum was easily adapted for all ages. We had a mission work group from California that participated with us each night to make this week very special to us. Thank you for allowing God to use you to motivate our outreach ministry. Getting ready for closing ceremonies tonight.
    Patricia Sanders, laborer

  7. Crystal (Criss) Engels says

    Yes! This curriculum is totally free…downloadable…and re-writable! I used it 3 years ago in my first endeavor to host an annual VBS for our neighborhood, family and friends. It was fabulous! Such an amazing blessing! Also very easy to use. Tara, the one who wrote it, also put out another free curriculum…Big Heart Farms, which is just as good and a bit more to it. She is definitely very called and gifted to do what she’s doing. I’m waiting to find out if she will write another. The Go Fish Guys have awesome music to use with it as well! Hope.this helps!

  8. says

    IT’s free. The lady who first wrote it donated it to our website and now she is one of our regular writers.

  9. Lindsay Armfield says

    I appreciate all the hard work you put forth to make this vacation bible school. Please verify that this is free as I see that it is copyrighted.

  10. Dianne Howard says

    I went to your site with lessons-Free Bible School-Bible Book Camp. Does it mean free and am I allowed to use as the site stated free. Getting message of copyright.

    Thank you.

  11. Kailash kumar Vishwakarma says

    I was looking for a VBS curriculum on the ARMOR OF God to use this summer 2014. I am from a small congregation Church “New Calvary Church ”. The children in this ministry are very motivated. I am looking forward to using this free program in my Church. May God richly bless you.


  12. Maree says

    Thank you for the good materials from Ministry for Children.
    May God bless you all

  13. Ashish says

    It is very very helpful for me and so thankful i am that it is free ,as i didn’t see before this type of material , thankyou so much god bless your ministry , and you

  14. A. Jones says

    Thank you so much woman of God. I’m looking forward in using this for VBS. I’m overjoyed that this is free. I pray that God will bless you back a hundred fourth for your giving!


  15. Lili says

    We used the Armor of God theme for our end of year sunday school camp in 2013 and it was a success. We took the curriculum which was so helpful and we used it as a guide and added or changed other activities to fit our camp. It was a blast! Thank you for providing it

  16. Esther Fequiere says

    I was looking for a VBS curriculum on the ARMOR OF God to use this summer 2014. I am from a small congregation Church “Hermon International Christian Church”. The children in this ministry are very motivated. I am looking forward to using this free program in my Church. May God richly bless you.


  17. Elizabeth says

    Hi, God put in my heart to do VBS this summer at our church in Ault CO. a small congregation. I am so blessed that you have blessed us with this free kits. its amazing how God provides.

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