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 Free VBS Curriculum - Armor of GodDownload and print off this free Vacation Bible School curriculum to use in your ministry. Bible Boot Camp “The Armor of God” is a VBS theme based on Ephesians 6:11-18. The links below contain all the lesson plans, craft ideas, and directions you need. Just download the following three PDF files to get started. Special thanks to Tara Merrill, a reader who wanted to share this curriculum with others.

Download this Free VBS Material

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For more help be sure to check out our tips for planning VBS, gathering VBS crafts, or some game ideas for VBS.

Tara has sent us a second free VBS program. The new one is a Fruit of the Spirit VBS. Follow that link to download this free material now.

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After you download the curriculum you will see a notice about not making copies without written permission. The curriculum creator has granted permission for you to use this in your local church ministry. So, copies in that context are allowed. For other uses, you can leave a comment on this post for the author.

One of our readers, Tara Merrill, wanted to share this vacation bible school material. I was really impressed when she sent me the files. I could tell right away that put her heart into writing this curriculum. Here is how she described it in a comment on our site. Be sure to leave a message at the bottom of this page to let her know you appreciate her efforts.

I am 22 years old trying to follow God’s call in my life. I believe He is leading me to write low-cost, Scripture-driven VBS programs. By His grace and will, I wrote one this summer centering on the armor of God passage found in Ephesians 6:11-18. It is a full program and can be adapted for any church size, as long as people are willing to volunteer. I provide craft and snack ideas, but do not include the actual materials as I believe it is cheaper to purchase the necessary items in one’s own hometown. I also provide drama scripts and dialog to help guide the leaders.

Please leave your comment below with any ideas for improvements or clarifications that need to be made. Your feedback will help Tara make improvements in future programs.


  1. Jo Gauer says

    I have been looking for a VBS curriculum on the armor of God since last summer and I am looking forward to using this program in our very small but motivated church in Provo UT a church of Christ in a very denominated area of the country. thanks

  2. Julie Layman says

    I wanted to show the Go Fish Youtube video at VBS next summer 2014, am I allowed to do this? Thanks!

  3. Denelle says

    Our churhc in Australia has just done their very first VBS using the Bible Boot Camp and it was such a hit and a real blessing to lead children using this material. The fact it was free and flexible meant we could put our own stamp on it and add what we wanted to! Thanks

  4. says

    Thank you so much for this VBS curriculum. I plan on using these on the mission field in Southeast Asia. We leave in November, so I want to have this printed out and ready to take with me. Many continued blessings to you for making these available for free for us to use for missions purposes.

  5. Rev. Sybil Mosley says

    I really appreciate the VBS curriculum on the Armour of God. This was our first VBS and your curriculum helps very much. The children enjoyed making every piece of the armour. May God richly bless you and your team. Thank you.
    Rev. Sybil Mosley, Livingstone Presbyterian, Canada

  6. April Bateman says

    Thank you SO much for this FREE Armor of God curriculum! I have been trying to create my own for my small church VBS and I was so excited to find this Amazing resource!!! What a blessing and answer to prayer!

  7. Dianne says

    Thanks so much for posting this material. It is comprehensive, well organized and a big help to our pioneer VBS program. I would also love to see a picture of what the sword looks like when completed. Once again thanks much and many blessings to everyone.

  8. Julie Ashcraft says

    I just want to say, this VBS curriculum ROCKS!!! We just finished up our week of Bible Boot Camp and the kids absolutely LOVED it. I almost purchased one of those VBS kits, but at the last minute….God stopped me. I searched the internet for hours trying to figure out what I was supposed to be using when I stumbled upon this curriculum. Bible Boot Camp just reached out and pulled me in. It’s straight forward and best of all, the children remember the information, not just the “cute characters”. I can’t thank you enough for publishing this curriculum. The children were so excited, they brought friends the 2nd day and each day following. We had a record turn out and above normal enthusiasm from not only the children but the workers as well. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you!!!

  9. Danielle Strange says

    Can you post a picture of what the sword pages should look like when finished? Thank you so much for your ministry this is greatly needed for small churches such as mine with limited resources. God bless!!

  10. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful material. Our children and teachers at RCCG House of David are grateful for Armor of God VBS curriculum. We had Bible Boot Camp during summer last year and it was a blast. The lesson plan was so rich and the kids were able to connected with teaching and the crafts. May the Lord bless you and your ministry IJN.

  11. richard hanna says

    Thank you very much . we are working on a limited budget andthis really helps . this is awesome of you to give your time and talents for such a worthy cause .this is our second annual vbs to be held in a haitian church in ft lauderdale .may god continue to bless you in all you do . Richard H.

  12. Bev Lucia says

    Hi Tara! So glad to have come upon this site. I am hoping you can help me with a question. We are looking at this curriculum for a VBS we are doing in Haiti in July 2013. I wondered if we can go into the documents and edit them and add some translations ourselves to what you have. It would be so awesome to bring VBS to the children of Haiti in their own language. We have a translator available to help us out before we go. Would love your input. Thanks!


    • Jessica says

      Hi Bev, I am also going with a missions team to Haiti in a couple of weeks and teaching the Armor of God. Anything you have in their language that you’d be willing to share with me would be great! I don’t have any resources in Haitian Creole, so as of now we are trusting the translators to translate everything for us there. My email is jessica_t_bowers@yahoo.com Blessings, Jessica

  13. Open Bible Wesleyan Church says

    I have been helping with our church VBS program for about 4 years now. I suggested using this one my second year and have never regretted it. Even to this day, most of the teenage class that I assisted with still remember all the pieces which is a huge bonus since I have a hard time getting them to remember things from morning class to evening! You will not go wrong with this if you use it.

  14. says

    Thank you for the Armor of God VBS material. Our VBS committee had decided on “something” about the armor of God, calling it “Knight School” when we “ran across” this material. Thank you again for your help!
    Pastor Fred Thomas
    Columbia Church of God
    Columbia, PA

  15. says

    Thanks everyone. I am Ed from the Philippines. I am helping a very small church among the less fortunate people; however, that’s not gonna be a barrier anymore to conduct VBS this summer because of the materials you made available on this site.

    May God continue to use you to bless many children in the world.


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