KJV Curriculum that’s FUN and Baptist: What do you suggest?

I just got this great question from a reader and thought someone else might be able to help:

I can’t tell you how many countless hours I’ve spent searching for new Sunday School, Children’s Church and midweek curriculum for our church and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack when trying to find a curriculum that’s FUN, KJV and has a similar statement of faith to the Baptist church.

I’ve posted some links to KJV Vacation Bible School Curriculum, but I don’t know where to start when it comes to midweek and Sunday school curriculum. Translation is not an issue in my church, but we do look into the publishers statement of faith.

Any KJV curriculum suggestions?

Just leave a comment below, and thanks in advance for your help.


  1. Linda H says


  2. Randell Gidley says

    Quality Speech Materials. Children’s Church Curriculum and VBS Programs. I am the Children’s Ministry Director and our church has used these for years. KJV only…no CCM (contemporary “christian” music)…solid Bible teaching. Easy to use.

  3. Jenny says

    Joyful Life curriculum is by the same publishers that produce Abeka Books-very well done with beautiful illustrated story cards:
    No one has mentioned Regular Baptist Press-they are probably the most widely used among Sunday school quarterly curriculum kits. Also good VBS sources. They have a new children’s church curriculum (2012) that looks fun!
    Also, Bogard Press has some options available, and VBS curriculum also.

  4. Erin says

    100% disagree. I am Baptist, have been raised in a KJV only church for my entire life, and have always loved everything about it. I am now the youth leader for the elementary age children and we have a great time at our meetings in which they only use KJV. It takes a little creativity to keep the little ones interest with so few KJV resources available but if you don’t mind working a little extra then it is no problem.

  5. Shari says

    That was edifying and Christ-like. Glad my children aren’t part of your ministry.

  6. Lisa says

    I disagree. You must have had a bad experience. We’re just sinners saved by grace like any other Christians. I LOVED my childhood and have tried my best to give my children the same experience. What a shame to us if we are joyless Christians since the joy of the LORD is our strength.

  7. Penny Trosclair says

    Master Clubs is an amazing program. Exclusively KJV and Baptist!

  8. Mike Morris says

    Can you elaborate on where this site actually is? Googled “everything is kjv” and came up with nothing. Thanks!

  9. Sonya says

    From an Independant Baptist Pastor’s wife:
    Try anchorchurchresources.com
    The scripture is KVJ and the lessons are Biblically sound.

  10. says

    I teach children’s church and these are the materials we use in our church. Everything is KJV. It is a two year cycle for children, so we just reuse ours after the two years. I laminate visuals, so they have a long life span. It is purchased quarterly and includes lessons, CD of songs, song posters, visual aids, and each lesson has game and or activity suggestions and a craft. There is never enough time to do everything! It also comes with daily devotionals. Each month has a main theme and each week a memory verse. If you click on scope and sequence it will show you a topical index of lessons plans for the year.

  11. says

    kids sunday school.com which is typed as one word i recently just started looking for material for sunday school for my church and found this website they have a lot of great ideas!!! alot of them are printble from your computer they have some that are free and then a course you can also get a subscription to the website..i would suggest checking it out it is a great and fun website!!and they are form the kjv

  12. Stephanie D. says

    Where can I purchase printed KJV material for my children’s church class? They range from age 2-13. I would like to get material like Standard Publishing offers, but their lessons are out of the NIV. Please help!

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