Missionary Stories For Kids

Teaching children about missions is important. Tonight I found several great websites that offer missions education for children. These were links I found on the Kids page from Wycliffe Bible translators.

Just for fun, I asked my 8 year old Son to check out these sites and give me a few comments for this post. I’ve put his thoughts in quotes new to each link below.


Wycliffe’s Kids Web  — An interactive environment with games and animated characters. This site is packed with information and missionary stories for children, but in an engaging format. My son said, “The suitcase and phone talking were a little weird. The fun facts were FUN. The things kids can do is cool.”


SIM Kids Website — More quality missionary lessons for kids. The interface is a little less advanced, but the map interface gives a great geographic context to the missions infoformation. My son said, “Check out the stories.”



New Tribes Mission’s Kidstuff
 — Exciting missionary story for kids with coloring pages or activities included. These would be great sunday school resources. My son said, “You should read the story God at the controls. Really, you should really read it.”



Kidz Place from the North American Mission Board — A little less in-depth than the other sites, but still a handy resource. This site deals with doing missions where we live by telling others about Jesus. My son said, “It’s pretty cool, read Out There.”


  1. doris riley says

    Hi i Teach Sunday School girls grade 3-6 i have some kids who parents separate and divorce. I am loosing my job. So i like to know is there a webside i can go to find some stories with kids who parents is separate or divorce to give them some thing to read on it and encourage them. Thank you

  2. says

    We are missionaries in Tanzania and our daughters (Ages 7 and 10) post a blog on their life here. This can be an interesting way for other kids to find out about life on the mission field! And also a way to get involved with overseas communication and prayer! Thanks! You can find their site at http://www.mongergirls.blogspot.com

    They have also recently been wanting to let other kids know about some of the needs they see here and show that kids can really make a difference and help meet these needs. They have been raising funds and awareness on a new website (www.mongergirlswaterworks.webs.com) which is connected to their blog. Here you can see videos on how to make Tippy Taps (for where there is no running water) or treat unsafe water with a SODIS Shake (to make it safe to drink), and all kinds of other things. They want to encourage kids everywhere to help and do their own fundraising to help raise money for projects on the islands of Lake Victoria. Getting kids involved in mission is FANTASTIC!

    Thanks :) Rachel Monger

  3. jodie cumberbatch says

    i want to be a missionary someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tracey Drenon says

    This Sunday and next, I am teaching my Sunday school class about missionaries. It is a mixed-age class in a small country church. Your stories will be perfect. Thank you.

  5. says

    Wonderzone.com is run by Child Evangelism Fellowship and has a fantastic website for kids that includes missioniary stories as adventures and activites for kids.

  6. says

    CURE International is launching a children’s site that, along with the teaching materials, will help children gain a more CHrist-like worldview through cultural education, an explanation of disabilities and spiritual participation. It will emphasize gratitude and generosity as charateristics of the Great Command and Great Commission.
    The nationals in 10 countries developing countries help write and edit the cultural material so it is accurate and educational.

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