No More Crying: Children’s Bible Lesson

Here is a simple lesson plan that would work well in Children’s Church or Sunday School, especially around Easter. It shows points kids to the future hope that Jesus made real when he rose from the dead. This lesson was written by Doug Wolter, the Pastor of Children & Education at LaGrange Baptist Church. You can read more from Doug at his blog Life Together.

This Bible lesson is based on J.C. Ryle’s sermon for children called, No More Crying.  This sermon and other addresses to children can be found in the book, The Two Bears, (Grace and Truth Books, 2004).


Today we’re going to talk about three places:

  1. A place where there is a lot of crying
  2. A place where there is nothing but crying
  3. A place where there is no more crying


There is a place where there is a lot of crying.

  • The world we live in (John 16:33 … in this world you will have trouble …)
  • What makes you cry?  Why do we cry?
  • Sin ultimately caused crying … pain, sickness, hurt, loneliness, death resulted from the fall

There is a place where there is nothing but crying.

  • Where do you think that is?
  • Hell is the place where there is constant crying (“weeping and gnashing of teeth”)
  • Hell is real, it is not made up – Jesus spoke about it more than anyone
  • Why do all people deserve to go there? (Read Romans 6:23)
  • How can we escape this horrible place?

There is a place where there is no more crying.

  • Do you know where this is?
  • Do a Sword Drill (look up Revelation 21:4 — volunteer read)
  • What do you think heaven will be like?  … Bible gives us some clues (Rev. 21:10-27)
  • What’s the best part about heaven? – Jesus is there!


Do you know that Jesus cried when he was on earth?

  • When did Jesus cry?
  • Remember the story of Lazarus (May want to refer to John 11:1-44)
  • Jesus cried for those he loved
  • Jesus is a man and knows what it feels like to be sad and cry
  • Jesus is also God and He gives us life
  • Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.  Whoever believes in me, even though he dies, yet he will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.” (John 11:25-26).
  • How can you live forever in heaven?   Believe in Jesus!

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  1. Crissy says

    I really liked this lesson
    I used it in my youth class.
    The Kids answered lots of Question.
    Thanks and be Blessed!!!

  2. Val Wolter says

    This was a great lesson on Heaven, where there will be no more crying. Thanks Pastor Doug!!

  3. Margaret says

    Where can I find the book The Two Bears by Grace and Truth publishers? Can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Teresa says

    Thank you so much for sharing this lesson. I’ll be using it this Easter Sunday in Children’s Church. Praise God for people that like others to grow as well!

  5. Christine says

    I loved this lesson and decided to add something to it. I cut out and colored a boy’s head from a filing folder and made a mouth that could be happy or sad. Bend a paperclip half open and poke on end through the face and tape back side of the mouth. Now the mouth can spin up (smile) or down (frown) by moving the paper clip that’s on the back.
    I also added tears. I made a long strip of blue from the folder (so it is strong), then cut a slit at the bottom of one of the eyes. From the back I pushed the paper through the slit, so he could start crying. For “nothing but crying” I pulled it all the way out, and for “a lot of crying” I pulled it half way

  6. Bola says

    Am so excited i found this site, its been so helpful to my calling. God bless and reward you tremendously.

  7. christiana ajani says

    The Lord bless your ministry great for being a great support to my calling as children teacher. Thank you so much for every material you provided.

  8. Luisa says

    Wonderful lesson! Great and simple language, young children can easily understand. Your lessons are all related and based on current Lectionary and Calendar. Thank you for a great job!
    Really appreciate every single thing you do for God’s children.
    Well done!!


  9. Salomey says

    Profound truths that can be taught in a simple way. Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you.

  10. J SLUSHER says

    we are still in the process of getting new pastor and only 2 children now. we’re teaching 10 commandments now. you have very good lessons………….

  11. Joanne Sandiford says

    Just read this lesson, it is absolutely fantastic – not just for smaller children but for everyone – so simple and yet so powerful.

    I have been receiving your lessons for just a short while now but each lesson is fresh and interesting. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are an inspiration and a blessing.

    God bless you richly

  12. says

    I plan to use this lesson this sunday. Great, simple,awesoms approach. I’m loving it. Thank you for the fresh ideas. I pray that you will continue to be renewed with enlightning ideas to share.

  13. mondessa says

    thank-you so much for your help and the love that is put in each lesson| to be able to teach Gods word is truly a blessing. to plant a seed and know, God is in it! childrens ministry means alot to me. Please don`t stop sharing. thank-you and God Bless.

  14. Laura says

    I loved this lesson. I prayed and ask God to guide me as I taught. The kids was totally involved with the presentation of this story. It was so unique to watch them grasp this lesson. I used three posters with each statement. I let them write their imput on the poster and we talked about what each statement about crying meant. Gods presence was with us as we learned. Thank you. I felt this was one of the best lessons that I’ve ever had the opportunity to teach. I love this website

  15. cor says

    the lesson speaks to me. thank you for its simplicity and truth. we’ll be sharing it here in our church in the Philippines.

  16. Lourdes says

    Thanks a very important lesson put in very simple way so that little ones understand, will use it this week to explain all abt palm sunday.
    God bless

  17. lydia says

    lesson not just for the kids but also for teens… simple but very useful … direct to the point and i love it. Rest a sure that i will used it in our church. Thank you and God bless!

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