St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

Coloring page for Saint Patrick's Day
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Download this new St. Patrick’s coloring page created by Elgin Bolling, a professional illustrator and sketch artist from New York City.

Directions: Simply click on the preview image to the right for a printable PDF document. We’ve also uploaded this illustration in PNG format for advanced users to edit. You can download a completed sample of this sheet if you want to show children an example of colors they could use.

This illustration shows a hand holding up a three-leaf clover. On the clover pedals is the phrase “3 in 1.” This would be a good conversation starter with the children about the concept of the Trinity and how God is three-in-one.

You can leave a comment below to share your appreciation and encourage Elgin in his work. Be sure to check out all our Saint Patrick’s day ideas for children’s ministry.


  1. Jayne Buno says

    I was shocked to read that some “Christians” condemn Saint Patrick’s Day! I feel sorry for people who hide behind their own ignorance and lack of scholarship, and condemn a wonderful day during which we celebrate a great Christian, a great teacher, and a great man. What Saint Patrick did to bring the word of God, the love of Christ, and the love of learning and education to the Irish was invaluable. It not only brought the Irish into Christendom, it made possible the learning, the libraries, and the strong faith that would send Irish priests out to the rest of Europe, founding churches, monasteries, libraries, and saving souls. We need truth, indeed. We do not need shallow thinking, foolish prejudices, and mindless complaining. Some Americans are ignorant of who Saint Patrick was and what he did. Some Americans behave badly on Saint Patrick’s Day, and on Easter, Christmas, their own birthdays, and any day of the year. To condemn Saint Patrick’s Day, refer to it as a “gimmick,” and say “we do not need it,” just shows how far ignorance and poor behavior has spread in America. Open your mind as well as your heart. Do not be so quick to condemn. In the words of Saint Patrick himself,” God’s might to uphold me, /God’s wisdom to to guide me,/ God’s shield to protect me,/ God’s hosts to save me…/From everyone who desires me ill,/ Afar and near,/ Alone or in a multitude.” I not only teach Saint Patrick’s Day to my own children, but to the children I teach everyday in school, and in every religious education class I teach. We need to remember, honor, and celebrate Saint Patrick!

  2. says

    Libby, your comments are very encouraging, and caused me to think even more about St Patricks day. Generally it’s used as a day where people watch parades, eat corn beef and cabbage, celebrate being Irish(even though St Patrick wasn’t An Irishman!) and also get drunk. We as believers in Christ SHOULD be out that day also ministering to people and giving them the truth! What’s great about doing thiskn St Paddys day is that our conversation on the subject has an opportunity to be better received by people who ordinarily would feel we are “pushing our religion” on them! I’ve always felt that the body of Christ needs to be more observant of the culture they live in and look for opportunities to creatively proclaim the Gospel.

  3. dj Faul says

    So awesome! Just finished reading about how “St. Patrick” used the the 3 leaf clover to teach about the trinity – now I don’t need to worry with creating my own printable :) Thank You!

  4. Libby says

    Here’s another tip that I came up with: Jesus said to “Go Ye therefore”. I used a four-leaf clover to show that demonstration last week with my pre-K – K Children’s Church children. It was the trinity plus ME! God the Father, The Son Jesus, The Holy Spirity, and ME, because God loves ME so much that he sent ME Jesus to die for ME and now the Holy Spirit dwells within ME so that now, I can go as Jesus commanded and share the change that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have made in ME. The 4-leaf clover isn’t a lucky charm, but now a reminder of how blessed I am to be God’s child.

    As far as celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in the church, you need to explain as to the children WHY people celebrate it. I am not Catholic. However, I think that Patrick serves as a great example as to how we should forgive and then GO YE THEREFORE.

    I should note that I live near a town where they throw a huge parade and party for “St. Patty’s Day” where I avoid the town like the plague. Personally, I believe the same thing can be said for bringing St. Nick into the church as well at Christmas time, don’t you think?

  5. Lamina Schultz says

    Thanks for the printable! I used it this as a take home coloring page for St Pattys and I printed on the back “who knows what three-in-one means?” The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. Kids loved it! I told them to bring back next Saturday colored for a prize. I pray they do and I’ll upload it so everyone can see it! Thanks so much!!!!

  6. says

    One of the mst powerful lessons ST Patrick demonstrated is hw God uses the things he created in nature(the tree leaf clover) to demonstrate who he is. I hope yours noticed the second trinity I drew with the three fingers on one hand….

  7. Jennifer says

    I am very thankful for this coloring page I am going to use this to teach the children about the joy of celebrating the truth of people that hear and follow the Lord. So they will be able to reach out to other children to bring them into the kingdom thru evangelism that is our focus to get them ready for leading children and friends (the lost) to Jesus Christ.

  8. says

    As creator of this coloring sheet, I’m delighted that so many of you will be using it as a teaching tool in your classes. I was delighted to find out the truth of ST Patrick, while doing research for this illustration. The fact that he wasn’t even Irish, was a surprise first of all, but to find out that as a 16 yo teenager, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and put into slavery was a mind blower! Patrick escaped after six years, and God, in characteristic “God fashion” tells him to come back to that country to minister! The fact that he obeyed God and did exceedingly above what he(Patrick) could ever have though, is a powerful testimony of the power of God, and what he can do through his children, if we just trust and obey him!

  9. Beverly Domasky says

    I was excited to see this coloring page! I have a class of approx 40 adults with developmental challenges and its very hard to convince many of them that should be no St Patricks Day celebrations (or Halloween or Easter Bunny or Santa Claus for that matter)!!! I use their interest in these concepts to teach the real truths about Godly men like Saint Patrick and Saint Valentine etc. I love this website and have been using some of the ideas to supplement other material that I use. And it is free. So grateful.

  10. tina says

    I disagree for every counterfeit message that the schools and the world try to feed our kids we must be prepared to give them a truth, and equip them to stand on principles that are meaningful, St Patrick was said to be a spirit filled man who used the clovers three leaves to give an example of how the trinity can be three separate and yet all one what a good opener to discuss how we are blessed because of an advocate and how luck has nothing to do with it

  11. Suely Martins says

    I totally agree with you, Ruth. Your words are my words.
    Even in Brazil we don’t celebrate St, Patrick’s day but we have St. Antony, St. John, St. Peter etc. Too many, don’t you think. We don’t need to celebrate them but Jesus, only.

  12. Sarah Kincade says

    Thanks for providing such great material! I’ve used a great deal of it to base my own class’s lessons off of (I teach a pre-k through 2nd grade age group… yikes!) and they’re working wonderfully. The kids really enjoy them.
    I do want to say something about this, though. St. Patrick was a great missionary. Just because the United States has secularized a holiday named after him doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t teach our children about a man that spread the word of God and is a wonderful example of loving one’s enemies.
    Thank you for sharing this particular coloring sheet. We will be using it in our Sunday night class on March 18th.
    May God Bless,

  13. LaShawn Montoya says

    I love it~! Plan to use with our K-5th graders on Sunday the 18th. Perfect way to teach on St. Patrick AND the concept of the Trinity!

  14. Ruth Gjukich says

    I have used many of your ideas and coloring pages but this St. Patrick’s Day is going too far. As a Christian, I do not do “luck” and try to teach my kids the same. Some things do not need to be celebrated in church and St. Patrick’s Day is one of them. American’s celebrate this as a time of luck and getting drunk. Let parents handle St. Patrick’s Day at home if they choose to but it should not be part of teaching Childrens Church. We don’t need gimmicks, we need truth. Just my opinion of course.

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