St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

Coloring page for Saint Patrick's Day
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Download this new St. Patrick’s coloring page created by Elgin Bolling, a professional illustrator and sketch artist from New York City.

Directions: Simply click on the preview image to the right for a printable PDF document. We’ve also uploaded this illustration in PNG format for advanced users to edit. You can download a completed sample of this sheet if you want to show children an example of colors they could use.

This illustration shows a hand holding up a three-leaf clover. On the clover pedals is the phrase “3 in 1.” This would be a good conversation starter with the children about the concept of the Trinity and how God is three-in-one.

You can leave a comment below to share your appreciation and encourage Elgin in his work. Be sure to check out all our Saint Patrick’s day ideas for children’s ministry.


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