“Time to Pray” Coloring Page for Children

Time to Pray coloring page for childrenThis free coloring sheet is one part of Mandy’s six page coloring book for kids about honoring God with their daily routine.

Use the links below to download this sheet or get the entire book in one file. The PDF format is easiest to print and the JPEG is helpful if you plan to edit the text using Photoshop.

The illustration shows a young girl lifting up her prayers to God.

We hope you enjoy this resource. Please leave a comment to let us know how it was useful in your ministry.


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    Am very much pleased with this site, its interesting , the children really love the lessons, colouring pages n the skits it has reallly brought changes and respond to the children and most of them after taking the copies with them they never fail to atten the sundayschool classes. God bless you may He give you more n more revelation and bless the work of your hands. Ame
    Agape church,pipeline – Nairobi,Kenya

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