Bible Object Lessons for New School Year (2019)

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Back to School Object Lessons
Bible Lessons for Kids Going Back to School

It’s back to school time! Time for kids to hunker down and learn–and not just at school but in bible class too. What a great time to present kids some important bible principles and lessons! Break out these object lessons for back to school and get kids excited about returning to the classroom. All you need are a few visual aids and a willing teacher. Ready to give these object lessons a try?

The Giant Eraser

Take a trip to the dollar store and purchase a giant eraser. On a large posterboard or sheet of paper, draw a big X. Talk to kids about last year’s school performance. Explain to them that no matter how difficult it was they have the opportunity to try again. They can erase the past mistakes and start over. (Use the giant eraser to erase the X.) And of course, I remind them that God is willing to erase their past mistakes with His spiritual eraser. Lead kids in a prayer of repentance.

The Loaded Backpack

Fill a backpack with items a kid would need for school like pencils, paper and glue. You should also write some of the fruits of the Spirit on slips of paper and put them in the backpack too. Talk about how important it is to be prepared for learning. Bring out each item, including the fruits and talk about how you can use them at school. (Like showing patience when standing in line.) This will remind kids that they represent Christ at school. Lead kids in a prayer for more spiritual fruit.

Crazy School Uniform

Ask a volunteer to dress in a crazy mixed up school uniform. They should wear the proper uniform short but pajama pants and flip flops. Talk about how their school uniform is like wearing the full armor of God. You can’t go to school wearing just a part of the uniform, you need to wear the whole thing. Lead kids in a prayer for help remembering to wear the full armor of God at all times.

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