When A Child Writes A Letter To God

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Dear God Children’s Letters To GodMy friend and fellow Children’s Minister Glen Woods has written a touching article titled When A Child Writes To God. He reminds us of the joy and faith that are so wonderful in a child’s faith. He tells the story of a recent learning activity when he asked the children in his church to write letters to God:

Some of the kids drew lovely pictures expressing their love for God, for Jesus and his work on the cross. Another child told God that he likes to play soccer. And then a couple of children wrote long letters . . . I can say that their concerns went far deeper than the surface concerns which often are attributed to children. There was, so far as they were able, an astounding depth of theological and personal reflection.
Oh, to be like a child, who casts her cares on the Lord, in the midst of confusing circumstances. Oh, to be like a little one, who honestly admits to a struggle with a specific issue, asking God for forgiveness and for help to overcome; who longs for stability in the home, rather than ongoing uncertainty.

This was a post I needed to read. I’ve been feeling too “grown up” lately, especially in the way I relate to God. We need to step back and remember that we are all children in God’s eyes.
I sometimes wonder if our prayers seems silly to God, especially when he hears the precious prayers of children. I wonder if their humble trust is more important to him than all my educated petitions.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to God?

Why not today? Find some paper, a pencil and a little peace. Become a child again and let your guard down. God knows what your fears even when you’re trying to be brave. Most of all remember that unless you become like a little child, you will never find the Kingdom of God.

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